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Have You Ever Stayed At These Beautiful Hotels?

We have all been dreaming about spending time in a five-star hotel. Whether it is a sunny beach or a winter idyll, it is even comforting to imagine the treatment that people get in these luxury places. Wellness and spa’s, pools and room comfort are just some of the features that only 1% of the people in the world have; and they are seen as the richest ones.

There are plenty of this kind of hotels all around the world. But here are the most famous ones – the most expensive and beautiful residences which leave you speechless. Here are 10 breathtaking luxurious hotels from all around the world.

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Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

This amazing place from fairy tales about ancient sultans was paid $3 million to be made. It has about 400 rooms, 40 conference and meeting rooms, a beautiful beach with white sand, countless pools and fountains, spa, marble introduced from 13 countries and over 1,000 crystal chandeliers. For one night in Luxury suite with 3 bedrooms with the 24-hour butler, view of the sea, and king beds, you will have to pay up to $20.000. Yet, in this residency, you can stay with 7 more people, which is then not so expensive if you want to share the cost. If you appertain to that 1 % of the richest people in the world, of course.

Mardan Palace in Antalya, Turkey

This hotel is located near the sea and it was built by the Russian billionaire in the year 2009. Its building was paid nearly $2 million and it is famous for its largest swimming pool which can fit up to 1.000 guests. All rooms own interactive multimedia systems, flat TV’s, Internet access, 24-hour butler service and much more. There are also various Spa and Wellness services – an oriental bath and Turkish hammam, for example. It also has saunas and snow rooms where guests can chill and benefit in many ways. Besides all this, there are many more interesting features to be mentioned: different types of massages, therapies, spas for teens and space for men where they can only relax and enjoy! For this phenomenal residence, prices vary from $600 up to $1.500 for one night.

Burj Al Arab in Dubai


This luxury hotel is also the fourth tallest in the world. It is built to resemble the shape of the sail of a ship. Its approximate costs were $1 billion since it was built on an artificial island. The price of rooms varies, from $1.500 up to $24.000 per night. The highest price is for the Royal Suite, which has fantastic features. Library, cinema, personal elevator, dressing rooms, and personal butlers – these aren’t available for most of the people in the comfort of their own homes! Furthermore, there are Jacuzzis within every room, interactive HD TV’s, en-suite music and lights, private printers, scanners, faxes, and copiers. Not to mention the ultimate sleep experience with Egyptian cotton and king beds! It will just be too much, but we’ll have to say that the hotel owns a Wild waterpark and Sinbad’s Kids club. To put it in one word – this is INCREDIBLE!

The Boulders in Arizona

This is a special place to stay since it has a magical and natural look of The Boulders, which are 12 million-year-old boulder formations. This amazing residence is held by famous hotel chain Hilton. Yes, it says just enough! Among nature, there is wide green golf terrain for those who enjoy playing golf. Furthermore, this hotel offers many sports activities in the open, which is a very attracting thing. Everything seems so untouched, including fauna and flora which surround the hotel. You can recreate by playing golf, tennis, swimming, hiking, rock-climbing, horseback riding and even shopping! It certainly offers appropriate activities for different kind of people. There are many kinds of rooms – from small houses and villas to the great villa retreat that has about 5.000 square feet. This famous retreat has two domes and is designed with luxury and comfort. Many celebrities stay in the villa which became a shelter for the ones looking for calm and relaxing atmosphere. Price for the “casita”, which is the little house with 2 double beds, goes from $500 for the night and up. Exclusive suites are from $1.500 and the most expensive villa retreat can only be booked via email, so we can only guess its stunning price. It is still one of the most beautiful and restful hotels to visit, with its view and service, similar to heavenly landscapes that anyone can visit.

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