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Ever Wonder How Millionaires and Celebrities Go Out on a Date? Here’s The Answer!

You might think that, if you had a million dollars, your life would change dramatically as you would be able to do whatever you want. However, since most of us have never really lived like a millionaire, our imagination does not extend far enough to match their lifestyle from the get-go as we don’t even know where to begin.

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For example, when it comes to dating, while you may like to think that everyone, regardless of their net worth, dates the same way, the bitter truth is that, for the rich and famous, dating is an ordeal in itself. Luckily, we have matchmakers who have graciously spilled the beans and offered a detailed insight into the world of millionaire dating.

Something Extraordinary

In the world of non-millionaires, which is basically the majority of us, dating usually entails a quick bite or a drink (or two) on the first time, as we like to make a compatibility assessment before making a serious investment in fancy dinners or expensive trips.

But millionaires don’t think that way. For them, the very first date could mean a trip to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a trip onboard their own luxurious yacht (or a rented one). After all, there are no financial limitations as to what is possible.

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The Eiffel Tower in Paris is considered one of the most romantic places in the world, and that is why proposing marriage over there is now almost a cliche.

Nobody knows what goes on in the dating world for millionaires better than those tasked with the huge responsibility of securing a good match for them.

One wonders why millionaires would require the services of matchmakers in the first place, however, this question is answered once one takes into consideration the fact that many people would want to date millionaires simply because they need access to that kind of money, and these are the kinds of people millionaires try to avoid.

That is why the services of a professional matchmaker are sought so that they may connect with other millionaires. And after that initial connection is established, the dates that follow are nothing short of extraordinary.

The clientele for these matchmakers can be both local as well as international, depending upon the distinct preferences of the clients. The net worth of the clients can range between barely a million dollars to even billions of dollars.

Types of Dates

According to Patti Stanger, who is associated with the Millionaire’s Club based in Los Angeles, these dates can be of various types, such as ones which prefer something as exotic as a trip to another country to those that simply want to spend time outdoors in nature.

The most interesting dates are those which aim to replicate the scenes of Hollywood films, whereby the lead characters go on a very creative date that is both uncommon and very romantic.

Hotels in Paris also offer an amazing romantic atmosphere to kindle love in any relationship

According to matchmakers, there was one client who arranged a date which entailed a trip to Paris for dinner in Ritz Hotel and a weekend-long stay in the romantic country, all the way from the UK on a private jet. As long as the date is not after the money of the millionaire, there are usually no problems.

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