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If You’ve Ever Wondered About The Home Kitchens Of Your Fave Celebrity Chefs, They Just Opened Their Doors For You To Have A Look!

The recent outbreak has caused severe disruption in people’s lives all across the globe. For instance, on St. Patrick’s day, people would typically celebrate by enjoying the event at a parade. But this year, people kept themselves at home to maintain social distancing.

Martha Stewart at least made the day more interesting as she went live from her home via Instagram to whip up some Irish soda bread. However, she isn’t the only celebrity who is doing this. Other celebrity chefs are also letting people into their homes through Instagram by sharing their recipes from their own home kitchen. Here are some other culinary stars that you need to follow to get a look at their amazing kitchens:

Ina Garten

Through the Instagram videos that she posts, you’ll be able to see Ina Garten giving demos on how to prepare different kinds of cocktails. Behind her, everyone can marvel at her white cabinets and cupboards made up of glass. Garten’s kitchen gives off this very traditional look, but the cocktails she creates in that space spices things up!

Christina Tosi

Do you like sweets, or are you in need of a milk bar fix? Behold, Christina Tosi, as she helps you with her dessert tips. You can use her secret weapon of crunched cornflakes along with slight pinches of salt, sugar, and powdered milk. Tosi is famous for her chocolate cookies, and that’s what you can see her making in an Instagram video of hers. One can also have a good look at her commercial kitchen in the background.

Martha Stewart

There is no holiday that Martha Stewart can skip. Such was the case with this St. Patrick’s Day treat that we’ve already given you a glimpse of. Martha baked Irish soda bread from her home and shared the video on Insta. While she’s baking the cake, you can freely glance at her orange-shelved kitchen, her copper pots in the background, and other mesmerizing trinkets at the corners.

Rachael Ray

While we’re all confused due to the current global crisis, there’s one good solution we can all agree on—comfort food! Let’s head on over to Rachael Ray’s kitchen. She is famous for her chicken pot pie, and that is what she can be seen making in her pantry. Her kitchen space has subway tile walls and fancy countertops. The celebrity chef also has plenty of cutting boards, enough to be used by an entire restaurant.

Geoffrey Zakarian

Campbell’s Soup and Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Announce’ ’ Kids in the Kitchen’’ Family Cooking Initiative

Geoffrey Zakarian has also blessed us with a recent Instagram video, where you can see him really excited about pulling off his 3-minute pesto specialty. It’s time to stop wondering about what his kitchen looks like as one can see his old fashioned wood cabinets, sleek black countertops, and beautiful colored tiles right on the video itself.

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