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Ex-Armyman Fills Gaping Void In His Heart By Fostering Pets And Helping Them Get Adopted

In one of the most beautiful stories that you may ever encounter, an ex-soldier transitioned from weapons, war, and destruction to a quiet life revolving around pets.

Omar Brooks, a soldier of the American armed forces that invaded Iraq, always felt something was missing from his life. He couldn’t find a way to fill the void left in his life after the war. But a tryst with animals made him decide that he wanted to dedicate his remaining life to taking care of these innocent souls.


Loop News Live | Omar Brooks, an ex-army man, changed his life around by fostering animals

A look into Omar Brooks’ army life

Like any other soldier, Omar witnessed several difficult moments during his service – planes flying overhead, the visuals of tanks, and corpses. He even lost many of his friends in these battles. And similar to what most soldiers go through, the effects of war didn’t just vanish from his mind and soul.

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Brooks left the service in 2003 and tried for a good 15 years to treat the psychological damage caused to him as a result of that war. But nothing seemed to work.

Just when it seemed like there was nothing he could do to overcome the PTSD, he found a solution in 2018 when he began to foster and care for dogs and find homes for them.

The bond he established with these voiceless creatures transformed life for Omar. He opened up and started looking at life with a positive perspective once again. In a way, foster pets saved this former army man.


Unsplash | Omar had been fighting the post-war psychological damage for 15 years prior to this

Today, he is a changed man

To date, Omar has fostered 16 dogs and helped provide them with forever homes. His family has had a significant impact on this transformation, and he has had the unconditional support of his wife and children.

Probably the most beautiful thing about what Omar does is that this work isn’t limited to their family. Instead, they encourage others around them to adopt cats and dogs and protect them from homelessness. To promote their cause and get stray animals adopted, Omar and his family post the pictures and videos of these animals on social media and try to reach people who would be willing to offer them the love they deserve.

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With the global pandemic forcing people to stay indoors, pets are playing a considerable role as companions and mood boosters. More and more people want to adopt pets to maintain positivity in their lives, and as such, Omar and his family are having their hands full at present.


Unsplash | The bond he established with these voiceless creatures transformed life for Omar

Omar Brooks has set an excellent example for all of us. By demonstrating the ability to choose a unique path in life despite his previous experiences, he has shattered several myths around life-changing decisions. He has proven that all of us can choose new paths in life, no matter how strange or unfamiliar.

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