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Experts Finally Reveal the Secret in Improving Your Problem-Solving Skills

Do you struggle with improving your cognitive function and problem-solving skills? The experts recommend you try aerobic classes. According to research, taking aerobic classes help improve not only your physical aspect but also your mental health.

The Study

According to Columbia University‘s latest study, working out, especially taking aerobic classes, help improve the cognitive and executive functions on adults as well as middle-aged and young professionals as well. The researchers conducted the study on around 132 adults aging from 20-67 years old.

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The researchers emphasized the importance of exercising to improve your health condition.

The results prevailed on older participants compared to those who weren’t active. According to Joyce Gomes-Osman Ph.D., executive functioning is essential for us to perform complex tasks like driving, strategizing to solve our tasks, managing our finances, as well as making important decisions in life.

The Details

The researchers divided the participants into two where one group took aerobic classes while the other took a core-strength workout. Both groups performed four times per week. However, the aerobics participants also did various exercises to achieve their target heart rates per session.  

The study reveals older people have better improvement in their cognitive function.

After 12-24 weeks of working out, the participants underwent a series of mind tests to evaluate their episodic memory, executive function, language attention, and processing speed.  The study’s results show how exercise improves the participants’ planning, problem-solving and reasoning skills as they underwent a series of mind games and tests.

The Recommendation

According to renowned physician Yaakov Stern, Ph.D., there’s still hope to have a better lifestyle for middle-age professionals. He claims that our brain’s executive function is usually at its prime when we reach 30 years old. But if we don’t do anything and continue our healthy lifestyle, we start experiencing a mental decline that may lead to severe medical conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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According to health experts, we reach our cognitive function’s peak at 30 years old before it starts declining.

Stern says you can prevent that by taking aerobic exercises. It helps revert mental degradation as opposed to boosting mental performance on healthy people. Meanwhile, Stern believes aerobic exercises can yield different positive effects on the health of younger and older people.

How Our Brain Changes After An Aerobic Class

The researchers also captured the brain images of the participants 24 weeks after the program, and they noticed how the aerobics group increased their left caudal and middle frontal cortex’ cortical thickness. According to Stern, the increased cortical thickness around the frontal area helps improve their problem-solving skills.

Aside from that, the researchers noticed how the participants had increased cell density and gray matter volume in their brains. It results in an improvement of various brain skills and abilities like memorization, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning.

The follow-up study they conducted also reveals how younger people improve not only their gray matter but also their respiratory system. Their younger participants noted they had increased stamina, endurance, and breathing as they run.

Finding the Right Aerobic Exercise

Despite the study’s stunning results, some medical experts expressed their concern in choosing the right aerobic exercise for you. They advise against forcing yourself into working out like running when it isn’t fit your condition.  According to them, each person has different preferences, requirements, and needs.

So it’s Instead of settling in running which you dread, the experts recommend you try other aerobic exercises like dancing, kickboxing, hiking, walking, skiing, and swimming to find which activity you enjoy the most. Once you get used to your chosen workout, stick to it so that you can show consistent results in the long run.

Other Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aside from the mental health benefits you get from aerobic exercise, the experts say it helps improve your emotional health too. Aerobic exercise also helps in fighting against illnesses like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, and depression.

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