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Experts Reveal the Secrets to Stay Motivated to Accomplish Your Goals All Year Long

While the majority of us started the year 2019 with a bang with our newly-defined goals and resolutions, the reality is that our motivations diminish as the months pass by. According to studies, more than 80% of people start giving up on accomplishing their goals as early as March.

How can we include ourselves in the remaining 20% and stay on track on our dreams and priorities? The experts reveal the secrets to keep your motivation all year long.

Remind Yourself why You Started

According to the experts, we quickly lose our confidence and motivation to keep on pursuing our dreams when the road gets tough. If you feel the world is conspiring against you and your dreams keep on slipping away from your grasps, giving up seems like an appealing and easier option. But before you actually do it, the experts recommend you pause for a while and think twice.

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When life gets overwhelming, the experts recommend you meditate to calm your mind and remind yourself why you started on pursuing your goals.

They encourage you to remind yourself of the reasons why you have these goals in the first place. For example, you might want to start a business this year. Why do you want to put up a company in the first place? Is it to give a better future and stable income to your family? Do you have a fantastic and unique idea you want to realize? Remind yourself of these reasons to give you inner strength and motivation to keep going.

Make a Small Change

If you find yourself still demotivated to keep going, the experts say maybe it’s time for you to have some change in your routine. For example, if you’re discouraged because you couldn’t shed some weight off despite how you follow your cardio workout religiously, it’s time for you to change your workout.

Maybe try some weight lifting, yoga, swimming, or go out for camping. Sometimes you need to change your scenery or routine to refresh yourself and reset your goals for the year.

Tap a Friend

While being strong, determined, and confident in your capabilities and skills is good to motivate yourself, the experts say it never hurts to share your dreams with someone else. You can tap your family or closest friend and share your New Year’s Resolution with them.

They’ll be delighted to support you in accomplishing your goals. If you’re feeling down, you can lean on your friend to give you the pep talk and encouragement you need.

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It never hurts to share your dreams with the people closest to you since they can help in reminding and keeping you on track of your goals and priorities.

They also serve as your accountability. In case you’re slacking off, your friends will remind you not to quit on your goals or else, you’ll be breaking the commitment you shared with them. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your friends, right? This time, you’re not only working on accomplishing your dreams but also in fulfilling your words of promise, so commitment is a must.

Enlist and Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Giving our undivided attention and focus in accomplishing our dreams might be great, but sometimes it can be overwhelming especially if we realize the journey is still far ahead. For example, maybe your goal for this year is to finish writing a book with 100,000 word-count.

As you check your progress, you find yourself getting stuck at 30,000 words. You become frustrated because you still have an astounding 70,000 words to write. Just by concentrating on these hefty numbers put unnecessary burden or stress to yourself.

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List every accomplishment or milestones you’ve reached as they serve as your reminder that you’re moving forward in accomplishing your goals.

Aside from that, the pressure you feel only wrecks your mind as you lose your focus to write – halting your progress further. Instead of concentrating on your goals constantly, try looking to the other side and focus on what you have accomplished so far.

According to experts, writing 30,000 words isn’t a joke since you’re already halfway in finishing your novel. You have the right to take little breaks and celebrate the milestones and progress you’ve completed.

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