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Expert’s Tips on How to Incorporate Creativity into Your Career Involves Lucky Charms Like Selena Williams’ Dirty Socks

We all have ways to cope with the stress of an unbearable work – one of the popular ones is the use of a lucky charm. Superstitions aren’t real, we know that, but this irrational belief isn’t crazy-sounding at all, a career expert ruled out. Even some celebrities have their own practices that may sound odd from our point of view but to them, it totally works.

While there are fortunate ones who work at an ideal place, there are a lot who find themselves at a very toxic environment that’s not just nerve-racking on a daily basis but may prove to be a threat to their mental health.

In order to stay sane amid all that, you can always find creative ways, like bringing your own charms, to incorporate into your career. “Creative Trespassing” author Tania Katan shares tips on how to do this:

Confidence Booster

The career expert advises using an amulet or anything personal that you feel could bring you luck in the workplace or something that could bring out the skills and abilities that you already have.

Serena Williams famously wears the same socks, which might sound gross, every day during a tournament, while Taylor Swift utterly believes that her lucky number is 13, which she writes on her hand before big performances. They aren’t going bananas, they simply believe that what they bring or do gives them the power to do their tasks well.

Sonja Calovini/Shutterstock
Lucky charms aren’t just for kids, but it is also for working adults

Tania explained that over time, you will realize that it is not the amulet that is giving you the courage and the strength to succeed, rather it’s your own skills and inner empowerment that get the job done.

Serena with or without her dirty socks truly has the talent she needs to play tennis, but her faith in that pair somehow gives her confidence that she will ace the match. Taylor also has the voice to take over her shows, but with her practice, she feels more inspired.

Joe Seer/Shutterstock
Taylor Swift holds a special place for the number 13 in her heart

It might be illogical to stick to something unreal as an adult but it could prove to be more useful than you can imagine. The expert further pointed out that confidence is something that is practiced and through the use of these charms which make you feel powerful; it may be the practice you need until such time that you will finally embrace that you don’t really need the item anymore.

Use of Absurdity

One way to get creative solutions is for employees to sometimes think absurd and out of the box

We come to work with already preconceived notions, but it would also be helpful to be silly at times. Tania suggests brainstorming solutions, but people should really be open to all suggestions no matter how absurd they may sound – you won’t know things that may come out of the discussion. Unexplored possibilities may also abound.

Job Title

Job descriptions are oftentimes just a synopsis of the things you will do because once you are hired, you are exposed to the many more tasks that don’t actually fall under your job title. That said you can always create your own unofficial or official title to break the monotony and to help you brag a little bit of what you can do more than what your job entails you to do.

Plus, a study proved its advantages include feeling better as a worker and can help you stand out from the crowd. You can take it to the next level, too, by creating your own business cards with your funky title, which is likely to be remembered by business owners.

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