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The Extravagance Of The Ultra Rich 

When you are a member of the ultra-rich and belong to the elite class, you will have enough money to purchase almost everything. You may even begin to fantasize about the things you would like to buy with the millions of dollars with you. The elite among the ultra-rich have minds of their own. They are also not afraid of being associated with people who like showing off the extravagance of the ultra-rich. 

These people do not believe in spending just a few million bucks. Rather, they prefer doing something more and spending billions to give the world a taste of their extravagance. Today, let us look at the ultra-rich and their extravagant luxuries that will indeed surprise you.

Extravagance To Suit Their Whims And Fancies 

The superrich people are extremely busy and do not have time to attend to small matters. However, but for the ultra-rich, this issue has reached ridiculous proportions. For example, Mariah Carey has just a fortune of $500 million, but she has taken extravagance to new heights. Mariah employs a huge battalion of staff to cater to every whim’s or fancies she has. One of her assistants is employed only to carry sanitary hand wipes. Oh! And one more thing: passing them to Mariah to cleaning her hands after greeting any of her contacts. Another one is employed just to inform Mariah how beautiful she looks every morning and several times during the day. She has indeed taken extravagance to a new level.


Angelina Jolie, Another movie star from Hollywood,  also employs a legion of assistants. These include a collection of nannies of different nationalities, four nurses and a doctor, a couple of personal assistants, cooks, maids, cleaners, bodyguards, etc. Yet she is worth just $100 million. Surely, the ultra-rich value their time. Therefore, they hire other people to take care of their tasks while the carry on with their businesses. 

These two are the ultra-rich who are within the bracket of being just a few hundred million dollars worth. Read along, and you can come across even better incidents of extravagance.

The Marriages of the Ultra Rich 

Marriage is a special event for every individual. The average wedding in the US will set back a couple by around $24,000 on the higher side. However, for the ultra-rich, this figure wouldn’t be enough to even pay for the wedding flowers.

Consider the wedding of Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is the crown prince of UAE. The wedding took place 1981. His parents specially constructed an entire stadium with 20,000 seats for the occasion.  The total cost of the wedding, which turned into a weeklong celebration, was almost  $100 million. The figure could perhaps send shivers down the spines of Mariah Carey and Angelina Jolie whose combined net worth is just $600 million. 

Even more extravagant was the lavish wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. A total of $32 million being were spent on a single day. The entire world watched in awe the ceremony that included particular carriages. The event was classified as the marriage of the century. However, unfortunately, the marriage did not last long despite being a fairytale wedding event.

Ultra-rich Endowments 


Business Mogul Andrew Carnegie left behind an endowment of $10 million in a trust in 1910 to hasten the abolishment of international war. Presently, we can see multi-billionaires such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet funding grants that are in the region of billions. Bill Gates’ endowment currently stands at $37 billion. Since it’s inception, it has received over $27 billion in grants.

 Mr. Warren Buffet has made a commitment to leave his entire fortune of $67 billion to the foundation after his demise. The heirs of these individuals will certainly wonder whether charitable foundations need contributions like these, considering that we are looking at fortunes worth $100 billion. However, no one has raised objections to these endowments. 

The Ultra Rich Also Invest In $100 Million Homes 

Apart from the small luxuries which the ultra-rich are spending in they are known to invest in real estate and homes, which cost more than $100 million. There seems to be no end to the kind of money these individuals would spend simply to satisfy their desires and showing off their extravagance as the ultra-rich. 

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