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Face Mask Cases That Can Stop Infection From Spreading Through Cross-Contamination

COVID-19 has been ravaging the world since 2019. Different governments all over the world have been trying to keep their citizens safe. The WHO has time and again rolled out guidelines to help people maintain their safety. One such critical safety measure everyone is expected to follow is wearing face masks when stepping out of the home.

Now although people have been wearing different kinds of masks like N95, KN95, homemade cloth face masks, or even surgical nose masks, there’s always the challenge of keeping such masks clean. People are also usually concerned about how effective these masks are when it comes to cross-contamination.

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Face mask cases

Usually, when they’re not in use, most of us put our masks in our bags. What many of us don’t realize is that our bags aren’t disinfected against the virus. Face masks aren’t safe inside bags, and that is why a new gadget has been designed to keep them sanitized even inside bags.

Known as face mask cases, these gadgets protect face masks from contamination or exposure to viruses and bacteria. They also protect masks from dirt or sharp objects that may impact their quality.

Here’s a look at a few face mask cases you can try out to up your safety levels:

Mask Case mask box

This is a plastic protective case for your face mask against dirt and moisture, a magnet for microorganisms like fungi. It can protect your mask from contamination with other objects as well. It’s designed in a way that your mask will fit in it without folding. By the way, it is handy and fits in your pocket!


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Caraa mask pouch

This protective pouch is designed by Caraa sports. It is one of the lightest masks carriers you will lay your hands on. Unlike the Mask Case mask box, Caraa single mask pouch is made of vegan leather and water-resistant nylon. Amazingly, you can still wash it. This pouch can contain ten masks at a time, and it is available in different types so you can choose the one that suits you or buy different colors. It looks like COVID-19 can’t stop you from being fashionable!

Antibacterial film mask pouch

While every other company is protecting your masks from dirt and moisture, LuckyplanetUS has taken a step further. They’ve developed a reasonably-priced face mask carrier that contains antibacterial film. The $3.80 pouch has been tested by a credible research institute, FITI, and has been declared to have the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria significantly.

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To conclude

Come to think of it, it’s only logical that as you’re protecting yourself from COVID-19, you should protect your face masks too. The world is evolving, and you need to be extra careful. The face mask cases listed above will fit your budget and your bag or pocket. Plus they’re trendy; missing on them would be silly, don’t you think?

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