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Facts Which Have Been Misrepresented By Mainstream Media 

History is often created by people who are involved in an incident. On the other hand, the mainstream media usually presents the facts with a twist of their own. In fact,  the mainstream media is willing to go to great lengths and to corrupt the facts instead of presenting them in an honest manner. One reason why the mainstream media adopts these tactics is to obtain funding. The other reason is to achieve objectives that are opposed by most people.

The misinformation presented by mainstream media has distorted history and have made us biased with misconceptions leaving us exposed to susceptibility and convinced by falsehoods. Let us look at some of the facts, which have been misrepresented by the mainstream media. 

The mainstream media spins stories that are largely racist, violent, and irresponsible – stories that celebrate power, and demonize victims, all the while camouflaging its pedagogical influence under the cheap veneer of entertainment.”-Henry Giroux 

PETA Really Kills Animals And Does Not Favor Adopting Them 

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The whole world knows PETA as an animal rights organization. However, it is a fact that they don’t care about animals or their rights at all. The organization is against people having meat and owning pets, but they are least concerned about the animal rights as many activists propagate.

 PETA members are good at drawing attention to themselves and even better in hiding the truth. They firmly believe that the animal population is out of control. Therefore, actions must be taken to euthanize extra animals and the strays even when they are perfectly healthy. Also, this is regardless of the fact that there could be puppies and kittens. 

PETA has a shelter at its headquarters, but it hasn’t been certified as an authentic adoption shelter. They are not authorized to hold animals for more than 24 hours. Neither do they have the facilities nor the license to keep animals. PETA is unpopular for killing thousands of animals by using the method of euthanasia. They do not even attempt to get the animals adopted because of their inordinate belief. Unfortunately, this organization receives millions of dollars in funding while promoting a view which is in stark contrast to the reality. Perhaps the mainstream media should discuss these matters rather than just supporting PETA as the sole Savior for animals.

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If Buddhists Are Peaceful Can Gandhi Be Classified As Violent? 

The mainstream media has always promoted information that the Buddhists belong to the most peaceful religion in the world. The misconception about Buddhists has made people believe that this community never engages in violence or promotes violent activities. Perhaps this is due to the actions of Gandhi from India. However, the fact that most Buddhists believe intentional killing is bad does not mean that they are nonviolent. It is common among Buddhists to worry about the intention for the murder rather than the actual action. Buddhist monks have prayed beside soldiers and even defended their actions by making it clear that the soldiers were not promoting death by themselves.

Buddhist majorities in certain parts of the world and particularly in Burma have witnessed instances of monks not condemning or even promoting violence against other religions. After considering these incidents, the above question has to be asked.

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The Suffragette Movement Was Not A Peaceful One 

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When people consider the suffragette moment they usually have an impression that this was a peaceful movement. They think that it included marches and letter writing to ensure women within the United States could vote. The movement was peaceful in the US, but it was a different story in Great Britain where militant tactics were adopted and led

Although the movement was peaceful in the US, it was a different story in Great Britain. The movement employed aggressive tactics leading to being termed as a terrorist. Numerous acts of violence, arson, and destruction were also observed. However, the information provided by the media just spoke about peace without going into the harsh details.

People throughout the world are aware of these matters. The time is now ripe for people to know these misconceptions.   

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