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Fall Is Here! These Fun Activities Are The Safest to Do During the Pandemic

Fall is a great way to bond with your family and friends – but we’re living in terrifying times, which means our actions are limited by face mask rules and social distancing protocols. Does this mean autumn 2020 is canceled? Certainly not.

Given that we are still facing a very real and scary problem, there are activities that should be done with utmost care. Here are some activities worth enjoying this fall despite the pandemic:

Scavenger Hunt

One of the most fun activities to try this fall is a scavenger hunt. You don’t need to take the entire family to a farm somewhere to enjoy.

Inside your home or at your backyard, you can organize this game to keep the kids entertained. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even has a guideline on how to host a scavenger hunt at your house.

Haurashko Kseniya/Shutterstock A scavenger hunt is a fun activity to try at your backyard

If you’re planning to invite neighboring households, everyone should wear a mask. There should also be a designated washing area.

Apple Picking

Many apple-picking events have been canceled as a precautionary step. However, there are still apple orchards that are open to the public, although they have strict protocols in place – some have a reservation system while others allow a limited number of entries to control the crowd.

Of course, you will be seeing and meeting other people. Although each farm has different safety measures, take the initiative of reminding your kids to adhere to safety policies before the visit.

Leaf Peeping

One of the most underappreciated activities during fall is leaf-peeping. Now that going outside has become a terrifying thing to do, we can watch the warm colors of the fall foliage without having to meet people.

Song_about_summer/Shutterstock Leaf peeping is more fun than you thought

Because of the pandemic, we have learned not to take anything for granted, including the wonderful colors of the leaves during this time of the year. The activity makes one of the safest since the family can stay in the car to watch.


Health officials have warned the public against crowded areas because of poor ventilation, so where else can you get space and air at the same time? Parks.

Aliaksandra Post/Shutterstock Some parks are open

Some parks are open to the public while others aren’t. Because of this, it is advisable to always check the operation schedule beforehand.

When hiking, always bring a sanitizer or soap and water for the entire family. Always adhere to social distancing rules and other safety protocols.

Pumpkin Patches

Because pumpkin patches are typically vast areas, social distancing is relatively easier to follow. Farms still have varying rules, which visitors must strictly adhere to.

If you’re not sure whether the pumpkin farm you’re visiting has designated hand-washing areas, you can always bring your own wipes and sanitizer.

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