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Fantastic Restaurants Everyone Should Visit

We have all dreamed of eating a gourmet meal, at least once. A scene in a beautiful restaurant where we enjoy the company of loved one and enjoying amazing, expensive dishes all night. Although we might not get a chance to eat in this type of restaurants, it is still an interesting thing to read about. Here are top luxury restaurants worldwide. Maybe you could visit them soon.

Masa in New York

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In this luxurious restaurant, a meal for just one person can go up to $600! Its chef, Masa Takayama came to New York and opened this restaurant back in 2004. It is advised to dress up for the following a three-hour culinary show. This restaurant has no menu, clients are presented with dozens of fresh and interesting dishes from the kitchen of its virtuous chef. Clients state that atmosphere is very relaxing and pleasant.

Gordon Ramsay in London

Gordon is a worldwide-known chef and celebrity. His restaurant, though, is highly prestigious and amazing. It holds the three Michelin stars since the year 2001. It has multiple specials, where some of it may come up to $320, not to mention drinks you will order. The food is delicious, according to its customers. Most of us though, will have to eat it from the pictures – except if you want to buy us a dinner!

Schloss Schauenstein in Switzerland


This magic restaurant is placed in an 18th-century chateau and decorated with medieval style. It offers amazing service to its guests; a lot of creative and tasty dishes with amazing taste, precision, and color. Its chef Andreas Caminada focuses on very few ingredients and creates pieces of art within his kitchen. If the view from this restaurant is his inspiration, it is not wondering that this is one of the smallest, yet the most luxurious restaurants in the world.

Aragawa in Tokyo

This restaurant is ranked as the world’s most expensive from 2006 according to Forbes. It is now in the top 5 in the world. It is amazing that it is actually located in an office building in Tokyo and it only receives 22 people. Its location greatly contributes to its virtues; it has a really wonderful view and it is highly comfortable. It is famous for its Kobe beef – some people say that it is the best in the world. The fixed price of a menu starts from $350, not including any beverages.

Le Meurice in Paris

This phenomenal luxury restaurant is led by an awarded chef Alain Ducasse. It is decorated with Crystal chandeliers, marble and bronze and it will remind you of old castles that you have seen in movies. For around $550, you can try three dishes and the selection of desserts and cheeses – with no drinks included. Its specials are veal sweetbreads, decadent selections of chocolate and fruits, lobster with potatoes, and much more.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Maldives

This restaurant was rated as the most beautiful in the world in 2014 by New York Daily News. It resides 5 meters below the ocean’s surface and gives you an amazing view of the ocean, coral gardens and living world from nearness. Just imagine sitting while fish and water is all around you – it must be a special experience! The restaurant’s meals start from $320 (with no drinks included). It offers fish caviar and beef tenderloin. There is a requested dress code and children aren’t allowed at dinner. If you choose smart, you may stay under $500 in this restaurant. Really cheap – isn’t it?

Sublimotion in Ibiza

This might be the world’s most expensive restaurant. It is led by chef Paco Rancero and he says that it is “radically different” from all the other restaurants. It receives only 12 people for a single table and it offers “an emotional experience” while eating. Its price is $2000 and we might get really emotional giving away this amount of money – you could start crying right after the payment. They have created the unique experience working with chefs, engineers, designers, illusionists, architects, screenwriters, and choreographers. As they say, it is “a gastronomic show”, first of a kind in the world. It is surely a very interesting thing to visit and witness.

We can only imagine the experience of eating a meal in these types of restaurants. Often there is not only a meal – it is an atmosphere and environment which make this experience special.

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