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A Feeling Of Discomfort Can Be An Excellent Thing And This Is Why

Discomfort is a feeling that arises when we are about to face some changes. Usually, we confuse it for the unhappiness and even with depression sometimes. However, it is far from that. It always takes a bit of discomfort to break the old habits and reach for something new, towards the improvement. If you are feeling a discomfort, then you have a signal that something important will happen and it can often be a very important signal.

Here are the most frequent cases of a positive feeling of discomfort we often tend to confuse for a premonition; we should not because it is a certain sign that something good will happen.

When you experience your childhood struggles once again


Has this ever happened to you? It actually means that we have some unresolved doubts from that period and that now we are at last able to understand them and deal with them. It may be something we haven’t thought about since the time it happened, but something in our current life has triggered it to come out in order to be resolved. And even though we now feel the discomfort, when resolved, it will never appear again. This means that we have learned something new.

Feeling disorganized

This is sometimes referred to as ‘feeling lost’ or ‘feeling directionless.’ It is the time when you seem to forget all the trivial things and small tasks. This is when you go to the store in order to buy a specific thing, and by the time you reach the store’s door, you can’t seem to remember what was the thing you wanted to buy. Then you try to remember by strolling through the store looking at random articles until you recollect the train of thought you had when you decided to come to the store in the first place.

This awkward feeling of discomfort happens when we’re actually more present in our lives, noticing all the little things going on around us. It means that we are living less within our thoughts and more at the moment at hand. This is something we should get used to since by living our life to the fullest we shall experience it more often than by being passive.

Experiencing different emotions at the same time 


Perhaps it is better to say ‘randomly’ or ‘interchangeably’ instead of ‘at the same time’ since it would be more precise. But still, some people really do feel different emotions at the same time.  Sudden influxes of irrational anger or sadness that gradually intensify are something that many people tend to feel these days.

It happens mostly because we have been suppressing some of them and now, they all want to come out at once. This is the point at which we become fully aware of them (our unexpressed emotions) and stop resisting. It is also a point at which we’ve learned something new about our emotions – they cannot be suppressed for long since they will find their way out at the moment when we want them the least.

Craving for solitude

Do you sometimes have an intense need to be alone? You are normally an outgoing person but somehow, today, you just want to stay at home alone and do nothing, or even do the chores. This is actually a good thing to happen to every one of us. It means that we have previously experienced something which we haven’t yet had enough time to process in our mind, so now we need to make a distance from other people’s opinions and see what we really think about it. When we get this straight with ourselves, we will be our normal selves again.

On the other hand, this may also happen when we want to commit ourselves to solving our own problems rather than listening to other people’s. Even though this may sound a bit selfish, it is a desirable behavior for anyone who is often accompanied by people who drain all your energy out of you with their own attitude and opinions. If you’ve been in such a situation, then you understand what we’re referring to.

Trying to ignore negativity

Sometimes, it happens that you tell to yourself: ”I’ve had enough of this negative stuff. I want something positive, I wanna smile, I wanna laugh, I wanna sing!” This is the point when you just want to chase away all the negative people around you, even by being rude and aggressive if necessary. It is a state of mind in which you can’t and really don’t want to accept anything negative anymore. Therefore, you first choose to ignore the negativity, but if it continues to reappear, then you become unpleasant.


When your only enemy is your own thoughts

Upon realizing that your experience creates your thoughts, you’ve decided to make the things go the other way round. So, now you want to start forming thoughts which will lead you towards better life experience. This is pretty much possible, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It will take a few weeks (perhaps even months) of practice before you are able to reach your goal. Still, keep practicing and realize that this feeling of discomfort is a good one.

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