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Being A Feminist – The Dad Version

Feminism – an ideology that works to establish social, personal, economic, and political equality of humankind. In this day and age, you are either a feminist or a sexist – and everyone knows that no one wants to be the latter. So, now that everyone is revising their old mindset and opening their minds to a world that focuses on acceptance and love, why are dads missing out?

Author Jordan Shapiro, who wrote the book Father Figure: How to be a Feminist Dad, is challenging all the dads out there to not only change their views but to be someone who is willing to raise their children in a healthy and equal manner.

Pexels | It is important for father figures to step up and give their daughters equal opportunities and become role models for their sons to look up to

It all starts with one step at a time, so here are some ways you can open your mind and heart to being a feminist dad.

1. Redoing the Roots

There might be something that you might not understand or you might be plagued with the thought that traditional values might be better but this is where you have to keep an open mind. While it may be hard for you to at the beginning but a feminist dad, it is your job to look at every issue with a critical lens. Y

Pexels | You can identify and change the unjust and problematic narrative pertaining to your daughters

2. Being a Responsible Father

Usually, in a patriarchal household, men are rarely held accountable when it comes to parenting their children, and oftentimes this responsibility lands on the shoulder of women. To become a feminist dad, you have to take on the responsibility of becoming a responsive father and get rid of any patriarchal narcissistic authority which is generally implemented in a household.

3. Saying No to Sexist Rhetoric

You may have noticed that even now in this day and age, parents tend to allow their boys to stay out late while the girls have to follow a strict curfew. Despite being liberal and feminist, this is what upholding sexist rhetoric is like. You, as a dad, would want to change that. The gender of your child is not an excuse for you to imply different social norms.

Pexels | You are going to have to take a different method to parenting and go for an anti-sexist rhetoric

These are only a few of the ways that have been mentioned in Shapiro’s book.

But, you have to start somewhere, so why not start one step at a time?

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