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In their first Joint Appearance post Lockdown, Prince William and Kate Middleton Match Outfits

Prince William and Kate Middleton are and will remain one of the most loved royal couples ever, both of whom are known for their charming smiles and kind hearts. The duo is known to bring joy to everyone’s life; Kate, in particular, really loves children, and this has appeared on more than one occasion through the several events she’s organized for them.

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In a spectacular scene, their first joint outing after the quarantine witnessed the couple in costumes of coordinated colors. The occasion was the celebration of the seventy-second anniversary of the National Health Service (NHS). Though the world has been advised to stick to the rules and stay at home, the royal couple’s presence on this day was necessary to cheer up the British health system.


Pinterest | Prince William and wife Kate are known for color coordinating their outfits on several occasions

The event took place at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital in King’s Lynn near the royal family’s house. The secret of their wearing blue and white together was to support the NHS; blue and white are their official colors. Kate was wearing a blue checkered dress with a white collar, while Prince William coordinated with a blue suit, shirt, and tie.

The royal couple’s appearance comes in appreciation of the fantastic efforts made by the medical authority in all its specialties and recognition of the sacrifices made by the British medical team in fighting Coronavirus. As for now, British doctors and nurses represent the first line of defense on which the entire kingdom depends.


TheCelebrityCastle | Recently, they were seen sporting the same color clothes on the seventy-second anniversary of the NHS

The NHS has seen similar support from most of the government and private agencies in Britain. Several buildings in the United Kingdom have been colored in blue, which is the primary color of the NHS logo since 1990. Some other organizations also used the rainbow symbol to show their support for the NHS.

One of the cute gestures that must be mentioned is the participation of children in this support. Prince Louis, two years old, made a painting in the colors of the rainbow. What is beautiful is that many British children have shared this act, and his mother, Princess Kate, shared his picture while he is drawing on social media.


Pinterest | Prince Louis was seen participating in the event too. He painted in the colors of the rainbow

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We should all be grateful for the medical staff’s efforts, whether British or international, because these people are our first and last resort in this pandemic storm that is sweeping the world. We, all as well as the British royal family, are standing with our heroes to fight this disease.

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