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In His First Outing during Quarantine, Prince Charles Faces a Scary Moment

You can never really predict when controversy or an accident can strike. And celebrities aren’t exempt from such mishaps.

A sort-of accident occurred during the recent visit of British Prince Charles to a supermarket distribution center in Preston in the capital, London. Accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, the Prince was being interviewed by one of the supermarket workers when out of nowhere, he fainted while speaking with the Prince to the utter astonishment of those present.


Pinterest | During a recent outing, a man talking to Prince Charles fainted to the Prince’s utter shock

According to the video that was shown by the British news reports and later went viral on social media, the worker Richard Sigward (74), was talking to Prince Charles (71) before he staggered and swayed in front of him. Then he fell backward to the ground and fainted, while his colleagues rushed to help him and provide him with first aid.

Prince Charles looked dazed at first but then quickly composed himself and went to the elderly worker to check on him. He patiently waited to make sure that the man was fine before proceeding to speak to another worker and continue his tour by meeting the rest of the staff.

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The accident occurred in a marquee outside the main building where the attendees were kept two meters away from each other to preserve the social distancing rules applied all over the world. Luckily, a few minutes later, the man was seen walking on his feet to receive medical assistance, before the Prince returned to talk to him again to ask him if he needed anything.


Pinterest | Prince Charles is about to face a difficult decision regarding Camilla

A few days ago, the Prince of Wales and Camilla visited the Asda vegetable distribution center to thank the staff working in the Corona pandemic. Charles and Camilla met about 700 workers at the center and delivery drivers and those working in nearby stores. Many have returned from retirement, worked overtime and various shift patterns, and postponed holidays, to cope with the growing demand in supermarkets.

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But Sigward, the seventieth-century warehouse worker who works for Asda for 17 years and refuses to retire, is genuinely one of the hardest working men in Britain. Maybe the accident he had with Prince Charles gave us all a hint on how these hard-workers must get enough appreciation from everyone.

Asda confirmed that Sigward is now well, adding that he managed to regain consciousness after minutes, and dealt with the situation professionally. He said that he is grateful to him and all his colleagues for their dedication.


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The spokesman expressed his happiness at visiting the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall at their warehouse in Avonmouth and confirmed that they all appreciate the royal family’s celebration of the fantastic efforts of key workers during the epidemic.

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