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Why Flight Attendants Prefer Working In Economy Class To First-Class 

When taking a flight to any destination, every traveler wants to go first class. If you have a similar opinion, do not press for an upgrade. Even when you’re offered the opportunity, refuse it politely. The first class and the business-class section of a flight definitely look enticing. However, you can hardly get the quality of services you desire.  The reason for the difference is because most flight attendants prefer working in the economy class rather than cater to individual kinky requests by the wealthy and famous. 

“This depiction of flight attendants is an outrage… Flight attendants continue to be the first line of defense on an aircraft and put their lives on the line day after day for the safety of passengers.

 Why Do Flight Attendants Behave This Way?

Ease of Work

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Flight attendants generally believe that it is easier to satisfy the requirements of 100 economy-class passengers than to deal with 15 or 20. They are aware that the few passengers within the higher classes can make more demands on them and make life difficult during the flight. 

Most airlines have a system of promotion where freshly-recruited attendants work in economy class. Later, they make their way up to business and first class. However, some airlines allow crew members to decide where they want to work on a particular flight.

Straight Forwardness

Flight attendants believe flying in the economy class is a better option because things are rather straightforward. Senior flight attendants attend to matters like announcements, paperwork, and stocks. They are also responsible for their colleagues’ duties, including offering drinks and snacks and aisle checks. Moreover, they do not have to deal with loads of complaints; passengers are content with the service they receive and are ready to sleep as the lights are dimmed. 

Fancy Passengers are too demanding

Things are entirely different in business or first class for flight attendants. Passengers can be pushy and even rude here. Most passengers within the fancy sections expect to be treated like royalties. Therefore, they make demands that are dissimilar with travelers in the economy class. They feel they have a right to demand the services they want because they have paid a higher price for their ticket. Therefore, they do not pay attention to a passenger who may have received an upgrade.  Flight attendants, however, treat every passenger within the business or first class similarly and are ready to satisfy any demands that are made. 


Some flight attendants while claiming they are happy to work in business or first class has as well commented they would not want to be associated with these sections, particularly on certain flights. Prominent among the destinations that they are keen to avoid are flights to Los Angeles, New York, and London. Passengers on these flights have a tendency to act like celebrities or make a display of being the most influential people in the world. They make demands, which are difficult for flight attendants to satisfy apart from showing rude behavior. Instances of passengers demanding almonds to be removed from a pack of mixed nuts or cheese from a salad are notable in this regard. 

 Economy Or First-Class? The Decision Belongs to You!


It doesn’t matter whether you have purchased a high-priced ticket for travel in business or first class. It also doesn’t matter whether you have just received an upgrade. Consider these factors and understand that the services provided by flight attendants will depend on the type of beliefs they could have developed over some time. Flight attendants are humans. As such, they recognize that it is easier to cater to the needs of 100 passengers who may not be too demanding a lot than providing similar services to 10 or 15 people who are strenuous. Doing so would require them to remain on their toes throughout the flight.   

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