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A Genius Idea From The Duchess of Cambridge to Help Those Afflicted By The Pandemic

Kate Middleton is the darling of England, a pure heart, and the epitome of beautiful spontaneity. The woman is known to never laze about or shy away from her royal duties, or even her social ones, which are embodied in her simple gestures that carry a special touch of magic.

Kate, in an innovative move to consolidate her relationship with the people, recently launched a special photo project called Hold Still. Let’s find out this attempt on her part to build a bridge of love between the people and the Royal House.

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Town and Country Mag | Kate Middleton’s “Hold Still” project is a way of giving hope to people affected by Coronavirus

Kate’s Photo Project

Have you come across those moments when you send your friend or spouse your pictures and ask them to choose the best one so you can update your profile picture? Well, something similar is about to happen to the victims of Coronavirus across the world (which includes all of us come to think of it), with the difference that the person picking the picture will be Kate Middleton. What a dream come true!

Kate’s Hold Still project has been initiated with the motive to provide moral support to those affected by the Corona pandemic, giving them a sense of appreciation and sympathy. Under it, Kate is supposed to select the 100 best photos taken during the quarantine and then present them to the public as an immortal memory for this challenging time the country is going through.


Extra | Under this project, people from all over the world are submitting their quarantine photos for Kate to choose the best 100

And guess what? The project hasn’t ended yet. Yep, it’s still going on with people submitting their quarantine clicks every day. In fact, the number of photos submitted has reached 31,598 since Kate announced the opening of the application in May. And if you’re thinking what we’re thinking, just search for #HoldStill2020, and you’ll be able to submit your entry. Hurry though ‘coz the results are coming out on September 14th.

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Want to participate?

Now, if you’re really serious about making a submission, you should know that the type of images that can be shared must be in accordance with three themes: Helpers and Heroes, Your New Normal, and Acts of Kindness. Kate’s goal is to show the world that in the darkest periods of life, hope still exists. This message is not directed only to people now, but to all future generations so that they know how to hold on to hope in difficult circumstances.


Indian Express | The winning 100 photos will be announced on September 14th 2020

The images chosen will be based on the quality and the meaning they have for people. The selection process will be subject to a jury of expert photographers, and Kate will be a member of this jury. The photos will be displayed online in what Kate called “a photo gallery without walls.”

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