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This Grandpa Worked On A Gift For His Granddaughter And Kept It For Over A Decade… As Soon As She Receives It, The Internet Turns Into An Emotional Wreck!

ByWhat was the best birthday gift that you’ve ever gotten in your entire life? Go ahead. Think about it. It really doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Whether it’s just a pair of eyeglasses or a box of freshly baked goodies, there must be a reason why it’s your favorite, right? If that’s the case, then you’ll definitely be able to relate to Lauren Blank, a girl who also received an extraordinary gift for her birthday. The present was from her grandfather who had worked hard on it for years and years. Prepare to be as touched as our birthday girl was once you find out what it is!

Sweet Sixteen

In the United States, a girl’s 16th birthday is usually celebrated as a coming of age party. The birthday bash can range from modest ones at home with close friends and family members to big affairs done in luxury hotels with a guest list involved. Lauren Blank chose the former as she grew up as a simple girl who wasn’t one for large elaborate parties. Lauren, ‘Ren’ as she liked to be called, just wanted an intimate celebration with the folks that she loved the most. She had no idea that her family—more specifically her grandpa—was preparing an unforgettable surprise for her.

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