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Here’s What Alex Ohanian Has to Say on a Wife Being Richer Than Her Husband

Prior to getting marries to tennis star and multiple grand slam winners, the name Alex Ohanian only rang a bell as being a Reddit co-founder. But today, a lot of people only know his as the guys who stole serene Williams’s heart.

How Do the Couple get Along Career wise?

Speaking on how it has been so far with a very famous sports celebrity, and the effect it has had on his career. Alex reiterated that he knows that so far he has been very successful in his career, and the fact that he does not have silverware to show for it unlike his wife doesn’t dispute this.

Alex who is also involved in multiple businesses added that it is just a blessing that he and his wife knows what it takes to be very successful in their field, and this even makes the relationship a greater one. He also claims that there is a lot of mutual understanding in his relationship with the sports star, although he admitted that on some occasions they have had to put her career first into consideration before anything else.

How Much Are They Worth Individual?

Both couples on their own terms are very wealthy, with Alex reportedly making as much as $20 million. Now he is said to worth around $10 million. Serena, on the other hand, is almost worth triple of that with estimates going close to $27 million, as a matter of fact, she is the female athlete with the most earning in the sports world today.

Alex Ohanian is worth about $10 million and his a wife, Serena Williams is the highest paid sportswoman on earth with earnings and brand endorsements estimated at $27 million

Alex Thinks A Man Should Not Be Bothered By His Wife Earning More

When this matter was brought up with Alex, he bares his thought that a man does not need to feel inferior to his significant other even though he earns way less. Although he agreed that this is not a very common situate=ion in the world today, as a lot of men earn more than their wives, this to him does not have to be an issue.

Alex Ohanian thinks that there more to a man being pressured due to the fact that his wife earns more money than him. It has never come up as an issue to him.

Alex continues that if a man is pressured by the fact that he earns less than his wife than that an issue that has to too with the man’s pride, and there are obviously a lot of untold story going on in such a relationship.

The Business Dad

Alex is also ever ready to sacrifice and take care of their daughter Olympia, especially when Serena is going through her training schedule. This is very easy for him as he has a job in which he can work remotely from anywhere in the world, and it is also very easy for him to travel around with his wife in tours to offer her full support. To this effect, he tags himself with a “business dad” name.

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