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These Are The High-End & Futuristic Appliances That Would Soon Be Staples in Every Modern Home

It’s amazing how fast new technology is developed today. With the products available in the market right now, one can create a futuristic house filled with the most high-tech and high-end appliances and devices. Here are some of the fascinating products people can find in stores to furnish their homes.

An All-Around Oven

The smart oven is reportedly compatible to use with any Alexa-enabled device and Google Home.

Avid home cooks would find the KitchenAid Smart Oven+ the stuff of dreams. Basically, it’s an oven that can do almost any type of cooking including grilling meat, steaming vegetables and baking on a hot stone.

Springing for this all-around cooking aid means being able to let go of extra appliances, which only clutter the kitchen. Another great thing about it is that it comes with a touchscreen interface that allows users to connect the device to their phone so they can monitor food while it’s cooking.

A Smart Bed

Another modern device that homeowners can now control using their phones is the HiCan Smart Bed. The device’s main purpose is to reportedly learn how a person sleeps and let them get better quality shuteye while doing so. It’s equipped with a built-in projector, which people can use to show their favorite shows.

Mood Wall

Efetova Anna/Shutterstock
The wall can be changed to showcase a variety of color schemes to match different interior design themes

Homeowners who can’t decide what color or design scheme they want for their living room will find the Change It! Wall a nifty invention. With each block on the wall being a rotating prism featuring various colors, one can customize their wall depending on their current mood or weather outside. And aside from changing colors, the wall can be modified to spell out certain words as well.

Touchscreen Coffee Table

The touchscreen coffee table is exactly what it sounds like. It’s basically like a giant tablet that homeowners can use while lounging in the living room. The device is also a great way for families to bond by playing games like virtual air hockey. What more, the smart coffee table can be customized by upgrading to other key components.

Transparent TVs

Iuzvykova Iaroslava/Shutterstock
Panasonic has just recently shared the progress they’ve made on their concept for the device

Some people tend to find televisions, with their dark color scheme, to be somewhat of an eyesore in one’s home. Fortunately, they can now opt for something that would free up their living room walls visually.

Believe it or not, transparent televisions are no longer just the stuff of imagination. Multiple known appliance brands have unveiled their designs of the futuristic product. Some of them actually look so good people might have a hard time with even just telling that the appliance is actually there.

Another perk is that homeowners can place photos of paintings behind it to decorate the space when the device isn’t turned on.

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