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The Best Sites to Get High-Quality Images for Free

In the modern world, everything seems to be running at a high-speed. The attention span of our readers and audiences is becoming shorter as the years goes by. Only a few of our readers today can read a long block of text because they prefer the use of images over text. In fact, a study conducted by Hubspot revealed that “photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes than the average post”. Therefore, most online businesses are now investing their time, money, and effort in high-quality images. Most of them now hiring the services of graphic designers, animators, and even video editors to create appealing images, both animated or static ones.

However, there are small-enterprise and startup businesses that cannot afford to hire such services. Despite this fact, they still need appealing images to engage their readers without paying too much without having copyright infringement issues. 

Here are the best sites where you can source high-quality images for free.

A picture is worth a thousand words.” — Anonymous


Without any doubt, Pixabay is one of the largest and most sought after sites for free, high-quality images on the web. They offer an astounding one million (and counting) free photos with diverse themes and subjects ranging from fresh asparagus and mountain goats to stunning cityscapes and portraits. All of the photos and images posted there are completely free for you to use. You only need to credit the source in your blog post.  Their search feature allows you to filter results based on your custom needs.


In case you don’t find a suitable image for your blog post in Pixabay (which is a rare occurrence), then Unsplash may save your day. Unsplash is another great site where you can source images. Their interface is elegant, neat, and simple minimalistic. They load image one at a time, so you can take this opportunity to study the picture in high-quality dimension to see if you like it or not. Also, the browsing experience is not overwhelming. Unsplash updates their site and uploads new images regularly, so you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of images to choose from.

 Foodie’s Feed


If your business is centered on food, kitchen, diet, and nutrition, then this is the perfect website it for you. True to its name, Foodie’s Feed is food-centric. In here, there is a pool of mouth-watering food and recipe images you to use on your food blog posts or recipes. The photos can be used and downloaded for free!

Another perk of this site is the so-called Foodiesfeed premium. By only paying a one-time fee, you can have access to hundreds of more photos, conveniently organized by the type of food, holiday, or country of origin. This is really a great yet affordable investment if you are writing on-time food related blog posts.


Although most people prefer to use high-quality images for their posts,  sometimes their Internet speed and space may be compromised the amount of memory space they occupy. As such, some online business prefers to use common yet presentable images that occupy just a small memory space. Such images are incredibly easy and fast to load, so they improve the browsing experience of the blog readers.

If you are willing to sacrifice the quality of your images over the speed, then this site is what you’re looking for. Photogen has vast images that you can browse and download depending on the quality you’re looking for. What’s refreshing about their images is that they add a local touch to it, making the image look more natural and customized than what other sites have.


Of course, if you know Pixabay, then there’s no way you don’t know Flickr. Flickr is also one of the largest websites that host free and high-quality images on the web. Here, there is an overwhelming amount of photos to choose from. In fact, currently, they proudly host around 13 million images online! However, you may need to be keen and selective since some of these photos are not available for public use. Some photos may require you to put an attribution (usually some backlinks or sort) to the source of the image. But there’s really no harm in doing it since you’ll be helping to credit the image creator for their work, in exchange for the the right to use the images. You will also be marketing their names and preventing copyright issues.

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