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A Historic Look Back At the Context of Tom Cruise Meeting the Royals of Great Britain

Do you think that Tom Cruise hosting the British Royals, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick was just a matter of a casual invitation? And was it the first time the American actor met the royals? Well, think again.

It turns out that Tom Cruise has a deep-rooted relationship with the royals. Dating back to 1992, when Tom Cruise was a young and emerging actor, he met Princess Daian. It was a premiere of Far and Away in London that the then young Tom Cruise met the princess along with his wife Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman was the then first wife of Tom Cruise.

Daily Express / Young Tom Cruise had “close acquaintance” with Princess Diana since 1992.

However, soon after they met at the grand premiere, Princess Diana passed away in a shocking and tragic death. And Tom Cruise, as a close acquaintance of Lady Diana, attended her funeral and mourned her death. The then young and emerging Tom Cruise was accompanied by her then-wife Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, and other close friends of the Princess.

Fast forward to 2017, Tom’s friendship with the royals remained unchanged. The actor was reported chatting with Prince Philip when the prince was celebrating his 75th anniversary at Buckingham Palace.

People / Prince Philip and Tom Cruise are often reported to have ‘casual chats.’

Tom Cruise and Prince William Have A Lot in Common

As time passed, the sweet friendship between the American actor and the British monarchs became stronger. In 2020, Tom Cruise, Kate Middleton, and Prince William were seen seated in the same row and chatting from a near distance.

Both of them were enjoying the Euro Final football match between Italy and England. Although they were not photographed together watching the grand soccer final, reports confirmed that they had “a brief chat from a near distance.” Furthermore, reports confirmed that other famous figures like David Beckham and Prince George were seated a few rows away from the Top Gun star. And they had some distant chat.

My London / Tom Cruise and Prince William have a lot of things in common. And aviation is the foremost one among them.

All these stories bring us back to the most recent Tom Cruise and British Royals moment. The long-term friends were reunited at the grand premiere of Top Gun: Maverick on May 19 this year. Prince William attended the red carpet event along with his wife Kate Middleton. Tom Cruise was snapped with the royal couples enjoying every single moment of the grand event.

During the premiere, Tom Cruise talked about the commonalities between him and Prince William. “We have so many things in common,” he said. “Apart from loving England, both of us love flying. We are aviation enthusiasts,” My London reported Tom Cruise as saying.

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