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The Fascinating Hobbies of the Rich and the Famous

The rich and the famous can explore endless horizons. Have you ever wondered how they spend not only their free time but also their bottomless pot of cash? With the increased income from multiple business ventures, the rich and famous deserve their own luxurious preferences for hobbies.

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.”Donald Trump 


This hobby just had to be on the list. Racing is not only fun, but it is also pricey—maybe not to the wealthy people, but to commoners. Racing will also give you some adrenaline rush. How cool would it feel to drive one of the fastest cars on earth? Racing costs $360 for a 15-minute driving experience in a race car track excluding the insurance and, of course, the registration. One of the famous Hollywood stars who has an interest in this sport is Steve McQueen.


Life is good. Sailing should clearly be on the list. The cost of owning and keeping a yacht is high, but hiring one is also expensive. A yacht can cost millions or hundred of millions depending on the facilities you install inside. Looking at this,  it is easy to see why only the rich can afford such a hobby.  To hire a yacht, be ready to spend $5,000 and up a day. One of the famous celebrities who spends days sailing is George Clooney. Clooney in a yacht is definitely a sight to behold.


Although this hobby is shared by many people, traveling beyond borders can be expensive. Among the celebrities that love traveling around the world are Prince William, Jay-Z, and Beyonce. Traveling expenses don’t end on planes and buses. They include the hotel accommodations, the length of the stay and the food for the hyped tummy from activities you do on your travel. Oh, did I mention the shopping and the souvenirs? If it is expensive enough to travel within the borders, what about getting out of the country.


If you think racing is expensive, horse breeding is in another league. You have to buy a colt or a filly, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the breed. Of course, you have to feed and groom the horses. When you are breeding horses, you spend over 40,000 annually. 


Flying gives you a euphoric feeling. The rich have no problem paying just to fly up in the sky. It is a dream by the common people that is achieved only by the rich. The wealthy pay to learn how to fly planes and choppers. Aviation classes cost over $100,000. Imagine tending on the maintenance of the planes and having to check for safety.


Rich people tend to grow an interest in collecting antiques depending on the quality. Antiques are particularly appealing to those who love history. How would you feel to own a carpet that costs over $200,000? I would not dare to step on it. To qualify as a collector, you need many unique collections.  This means spending an amount that only the rich can afford.


Keeping exotic wild animals can also serve as a status symbol for the rich. These animals cost a fortune, especially if they are endangered. The license to keep exotic pets at home will cost you, plus the food, maintenance, and grooming of the animal.


You have a lot to lose when playing the high stakes poker. As such, you require million-dollar buy-ins and payouts if you choose this as your hobby. These millionaires and billionaires are playing for fun and if you’re not one of them you’re better off watching. You wouldn’t want to lose your home or assets due to this hobby, would you?


Not everyone can afford to own cars such as the 193757S Bugatti worth $4.4 Million or the 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom used in the Bond film Octopussy. How cool would that be? Only the rich know.


Not only is the art world a good investment but a status symbol among the rich and famous. See, rich people like to see abstract, know the history, and interpret the meaning and purpose of various art pieces. The older and the more unique the art, the better and the more valuable it is. 


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