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Hobbs & Shaw Puts a Twist On Fast & Furious Series, But Did It Succeed? Here Are The Numbers!

It was not easy to dominate the box office this weekend, but the newest film in the Fast & Furious franchise called Hobbs & Shaw has succeeded in doing it. The film is not like the other films in the series, which have followed a timeline in the storyline. This one can be considered a spin-off, and that is why critics were speculative about whether it would become as successful as the films previously released in the series. And it did.

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The Fast & Furious franchise is all about fast cars and action-packed sequences performed by brilliant Hollywood actors and actresses.

We have seen many epic films this summer, which is that time of the year when the biggest blockbusters of the year are released. Films released during the summer months are always meant to appeal a larger audience, with lots of action that promises to give audiences a thrilling experience. These films are watched by families, and this trend translates into big earnings for the films at the box office. Hobbs & Shaw is perhaps the last film to take advantage of such a trend this summer, as vacations are ending and it’s time for the kids to go back to school.

A Massive Earning

According to reported figures, the film Hobbs & Shaw has been able to garner an impressive $60.8 million over the weekend just in the domestic cinema halls, which means that the overall global figure would be much more than this one. If compared with the earnings of the previous films in the franchise within the same timeframe, the film has not been the most impressive release, ranking on sixth place.

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Hobbs & Shaw continues to win big bucks in cinemas as the film enters the subsequent weeks of its commercial run.

However, it has done better than the first film of the series, which had generated $40 million during its opening. Also, as far as summer releases go, the film seems to have fared very well. Just take the Mission Impossible: Fallout release that happened last year and managed to generate $61 million on its opening, which is almost at par with the opening earnings of Hobbs & Shaw.

Also, if we ignore the releases that have been made by Disney/Marvel studios this summer, then Hobbs & Shaw can be crowned as the biggest opening in the domestic cinema market to happen this season, pushing back the previous record holder, John Wick: Chapter 3, which had earned $56.8 million.

A Huge International Market

But the domestic market is not the only money-maker for Hollywood films as they fare very well in international markets too, and that is where most of the business comes from as well. The international earnings figure for Hobbs & Shaw reportedly stands at an impressive $120 million, which means that, in total, the film managed to earn a massive $180.8 million.

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The Keanu Reeves starrer John Wick 3 has also emerged as an exceptionally successful film this summer.

Considering that the total budget for the film was around $200 million, which includes all of its marketing costs as well, there is no doubt that it would end up making a lot of profit. The film is also a milestone for both Dwayne Johnson as well as Jason Statham, both of whom have never been a part of a film that has witnessed such a grand opening, excluding the previous Fast films, of course.

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