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These Hollywood Celebrities Give Fitspiration Tips to Start Your Fitness Journey Right!

As the New Year comes, you’ve probably thought of starting your fitness journey again. You want to burn the fats and weight you’ve accumulated from feasting during the past Holiday Season. Follow these fitness tips and routines from famous Hollywood celebrities to start your fitness journey right!

Jennifer Lopez

Everyone knows who Jennifer Lopez is, but in case you don’t, you wouldn’t expect she’s already 49 years old. Her stunning face is devoid of any wrinkles and her lean and toned body is as healthy and strong as ever! Jennifer Lopez says she takes her diet seriously. Despite her busy schedule, she makes sure to only eat healthy food and set aside some time to work out.


JLo continues defying the aging world with her stunning look despite being a mom at 49 years old.
She tries to keep her body moving by mixing her workouts like running, dancing, biking, or swimming – whichever is available for her to do. Aside from that, she couldn’t help but emphasize the importance of proper hydration.

According to her, staying hydrated is important for your body to keep being strong and healthy. JLo makes sure she drinks a bottle of water to give herself the energy she needs before working out. Afterward, she drinks a bottle of water again to aid in muscle repair.

Kim Kardashian

While Kim is known to have a strict diet and exercise regimen, Kim doesn’t hesitate to indulge herself in her favorite foods during the holidays. According to her, Holiday Season is a perfect time to be yourself and bond with your family, so she allowed herself to eat her favorite dishes without feeling guilty. Instead of spending most of her time working out, she spent it talking and bonding with her and West’s family as they caught up over the Holiday Season.

Likewise, she encourages everybody not to guilt-trip themselves when they indulge a bit during Holidays because it’s the Season of Joy. But now that it’s all over, she reveals how she’s back to eating salads. She also resumes working out early in the morning for six weeks, and she encourages everybody to find the best trainer and workout that suits them best.

Devon Windsor

lev radin/Shutterstock
Devon stunned the audience when she showcased her lean and toned body at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

When asked what her secret was for achieving such a great physique, Devon said she prepared for 2 months and had undergone an intense fitness routine to yield great body results. She remembered heading to her friend and taking a ballet-inspired workout class to improve her body’s flexibility.

She revealed how she always ended and exited the session wearing a smile on her face. Devon also reveals how she developed her thighs, and body thanks to ballet movements. For those who want to try a new workout, she recommends doing a ballet-inspired workout.

Julianne Hough

While many people think Julianne got it easy with her fitness routine, she actually doesn’t. Julianne says she’s still struggling with her fitness journey every now and then. She recalled how she didn’t spend more time dancing as much as she’d like to since she’s struggling to find her self-expression.

A few months later, she revealed she got her inspiration back last August and she finally set aside some time to dance and get her body moving. While the journey in overcoming her fitness roadblock was difficult, it felt so good for her to finally overcome it. If you’re feeling stuck, Julianne says it’s okay to feel this way and to take your time. The road to fitness isn’t a race or competition but a journey to better yourself.

Khloe Kardashian

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Despite giving birth recently, Khloe got her previous toned body back thanks to the spartan fitness routine she’d undergone.

Kim’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, shocked the world when she came back with a healthy and fit body after giving birth to her son 9 months after. Khloe revealed she had undergone many deadlifts and rigorous workout during the Holidays.

Aside from that, she would do cardio or any active sports to keep her body moving during her days off. Khloe says you’re not entitled to undergo a rigorous training like her. You only need to keep your body active and moving throughout the day to lose some weight.

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