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The Iconic Duo – Chrissy Teigen and John Legend – Is Selling Their Beverly Hills Mansion!

Perhaps they’re among the most famous couples on the scene right now – Chrissy Teigen, the passionate cook who relays her culinary experiences to her Instagram followers, and her Grammy Award-winning husband, John Legend.


E! Online | Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are selling their Beverly Hills property

Though they have their individual careers to bring them into the limelight quite often, they’re in the buzz for their property dealing this time around. The couple has decided to offer their famous home in Beverly Hills for sale after buying it in 2016 for almost $24 million. The news came soon after they announced that they were waiting for their third child soon. Well, that’s what you call, “two in a row!”

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Spilling the beans

Teigen and Legend are known to have a stable life. They aren’t the sort of people you’d expect to hop homes every year, so such a move may you wonder just what’s in store (apart from the baby news, of course).

Well, whatever it is, we’re sure it’s going to be Legend-ary! Ha!


Architectural Digest | The house formerly belonged to Rihanna and has 7 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms

Coming back to the property deal, the house they’re selling formerly belonged to Rihanna, and it has seven bathrooms and eight bedrooms. The place’s external facade is lovely and appears in black, and the ceiling is custom made and gives a somewhat classic impression that reminds you of Thailand.

The concrete-and-brass fireplace in the master bedroom creates a very charming atmosphere. The windows overlook the home’s private pools, and beyond them, there’s picturesque LA.

More about the couple

In John Legend’s last video, “Wild,” he announced that he’s expecting his third child from Teigen, and it’s not known if this is the reason for the couple to sell the house. They’d bought a contemporary four-bedroom mansion in the west area of Hollywood last April for $5.1 million and a Manhattan Triplex for $7.7 million in the same month!

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They own a New York pad, so we don’t know yet if the family will live in one of the homes they own or buy a new one.


Insider | The news came soon after the couple announced they’re going to have their third child

In any case, John Legend is one of the most successful singers of recent years, and perhaps the song “All of me” that he released several years ago, is an immortal masterpiece. As for his wife, she gives a great example of how to transform passion into work. She even released a cookbook alongside her work as a model!

You’d hardly find anyone disagreeing on them being a beautiful couple. We hope that just as they’ve succeeded in their respective fields of work, they’ll undoubtedly succeed in their real estate decisions. Here’s wishing them all the luck for their new baby!

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