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Feeling Empowered? Here’s How to Make Yourself Heard

Every single day, from the moment you wake up, from the moment you go to bed, you make a choice. These choices would either benefit you, or would make you regret what you just did. There are so many “what ifs” in life, but hesitation always get the best of most people, some don’t have enough courage, some simply cannot bear to think of it. One of the most difficult choice someone could make is to whether to stand up for yourself or not.


For a lot of people, it is way easier to simply just go with the flow of things, that way they don’t have to deal with conflict or confrontations. Then again, these people don’t actually realize how they’re letting other people step over them, and they would get used to it. Learning your self-worth by standing up for yourself is never a bad thing, it could actually change your life in the best way possible. That is because this way, people would learn that they should respect you, since you basically respect yourself. It may be a little difficult in the beginning but it will all be worth it once you get used to it. Here are a few pointers that you could do to start you off, just remember not to pressure yourself.

Just Be Authentic

One of the very first things that you must do is to simply be yourself. There may be people who are similar to you but there is literally one version of yourself. In order for you to show your real self to people, you must accept yourself first. All of your strength and weaknesses must be accepted, don’t try and show people a fake smile because it could give them a wrong idea. It takes a lot of practice especially if you’re not used to doing it, but once you start, it will be easier for you to just be carefree without having to worry about what other people may think of you.

Their opinion must not matter especially when you know you are not doing anything wrong. If they notice that you are very open and are willing to share your thoughts and feelings, they would start to take you seriously and treat you with respect.

The Power of Confidence

There is a huge difference between being confident and being arrogant. People who are confident know exactly what they are capable of, and they also accept and learn from the mistakes they made by taking full responsibility for it. People who are arrogant on the other hand believe that they could do everything right and they would make sure that you know about it.

Everyone has strengths so you don’t need to brag, but it also doesn’t mean you are not going to show it. Being confident means you would hold your head up and stand straight, not in an intimidating way but just enough to show people that you have something to be confident about.

Be The Bigger Person At All Times

Once you have learned all those things, it would now be noticeable to people around you how much you have changed. Then again, this would also be an opportunity for people to make sure that you get rid of that newly found voice within. This is now the time for you to show that you are mature enough to take them.

Some people would try so hard to get rid of your confidence and would attack you in the cruelest way possible by stepping on your weak spots. This is the time that you must always remember not to take the bait, fight for yourself without having to stoop so low to their level. Look them in the eyes and make sure you keep that confidence, once you have mastered that then they would now think twice when messing with you.

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Have Courage and Inspire

Finally, if you know very well that you are right, have the courage to stand up for yourself and speak up. Fear will always be there, but it doesn’t mean you have to let it take over you all the time. This wouldn’t just give you the voice, it would also help people find their own voices. Be a wonderful example to those who are struggling, that way you are not just standing up for what you believe in, but also standing up for people and helping them the simplest way possible.

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