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6 Tips to Beat Insomnia and Have a Soulful Sleep

We’ve all heard that having a peaceful, soulful sleep is incredibly important. Especially if we want to be healthy. It is important to sleep early so that our bodies can restore their health to the best possible condition to face another day. Aside from that, we won’t have to worry ourselves dealing with alarm clocks since your circadian rhythm will be corrected accordingly. All you need to do is sleep early. Easy-peasy, right?

Easier said than done. Our hectic schedules, social responsibilities, and some nights out and get-togethers with our friends make it more difficult for us to stick to our sleeping schedule. Aside from that, most of us have developed insomnia that doesn’t help.

How do we beat insomnia? Here are our top 6 tips to establish a consistent sleeping schedule and have a soulful sleep.

1. Time in Your Sleeping Time


One way of establishing a consistent sleeping schedule is by timing in your sleeping time. Once you decide what time you should sleep for the night, be sure to stick with it. If you decide that you’ll sleep at 10 pm, make sure that before the clock strikes at 10, you’re already lying on your bed. If you do this every night, you’ll also be establishing your body clock. And you won’t have to worry about alarm clocks anymore since your body will wake up on its own.

2. Avoid Using Electronic Devices

The number one culprit why you’re having a hard time sleeping is because of your electronic devices. The blue light it emits prevents the production of melatonin. For those who didn’t know, melatonin is the hormone responsible for making you sleepy.

So if you don’t want to upset the production of your sleeping hormones, you need to stay away from using gadgets, no matter how tempting they may be. You can set a schedule or alarm 30 minutes before your sleeping time to remind you to stop using your tech and just go to bed.

3. Establish a Relaxing Hobby

If you decide to withhold using the devices at night to prioritize sleeping, you can opt to establish relaxing hobbies. You can use this time to meditate, reflect on your actions for the day, listen to music, or read a book. It will help relax your brain and soon, it will send signals telling you to sleep soon.

4. Keep Your Room Dark

There’s a reason why most of us sleep at night. It’s because the presence of darkness encourages the production of your melatonin hormone. So be sure to shut your curtains and blinds in your room when you sleep. Any light can be destructive to your sleeping routine.

5. Cut Down Your Caffeine Intake

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Drinking coffee before going to sleep is a great way to disrupt your sleeping schedule. Caffeine will only trigger your cortisol hormone. Leaving you alert, jittery, and stressed. And remember when you’re stressed? It triggers your insomnia. Leaving you to feel fidgeted and uneasy when you try to sleep.

Instead of drinking coffee, opt for soothing drinks like a cup of milk or water. These drinks will help you calm your nerves and lulls you to sleep.

6. Stop Taking Heavy Snacks

Taking a heavy snack or meal before sleeping is also a bad idea. Why? It’s because it disrupts your body’s function. At night, your body is preparing to relax every muscle so that you’ll fall into a deep, sleeping state. What do you think will happen if you eat a heavy meal prior to sleeping? Yes, you guessed right! Your body will be forced to change its functions.

Instead of sleeping, your body will exert more effort to burn and digest the food you ate. Leaving you more awake and full. And when you’re full, your body is active. So you’ll end up doing more sensible things since sleep won’t bug you. So opt for some light snacks like a sandwich or veggie salad. These foods won’t disrupt your sleeping routine.

When you sleep better, your body undergoes repair as it optimizes and replenishes your energy to become healthier and more productive in life. Plus it is one proven way to maintain a healthy life. So go get a good night’s sleep! Turn off the computer and let go of your worries for the night.

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