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4 Ways to Boost Your Social Marketing on Instagram

With more than 500 millions active users who browse through this platform every single day, there is no doubt that Instagram has more power than Twitter today. And with the rise of the users comes the emergence of businesses utilizing the platform to boost their marketing plan.

However, no matter how popular Instagram is, most businesses face some challenge while promoting their brands over the social platform because it deals with images and videos. Furthermore, you cannot write a hefty note or caption in each of your posts.

How can you utilize Instagram to its full potential to promote your business? Here are four 4 ways to help you boost your social marketing on Instagram.

1. Like-Comment-Follow

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This rule is a basic for every social media accounts. Just because you represent a business it doesn’t mean that you need to isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Remember that if you want your followers to discover you and build a significant fandom, you need to be a fan of yourself too. The followers would like to see how active you are on the platform, how well you diverse with the professional members around your network or field of expertise, and how well you treat your customers before following you.

Are you liking to their post? Are you responding to their queries, comments, and tags? Those are the things your customers want to consider before they decided on following you. You need to show to them that you’re not just a brand or a company, but a real, genuine person whom they can trust and bond with. Here are the things you can do:

Step 1: Follow your direct competitors’ accounts
Next Step: Use Instagram recommendations to follow other top accounts in your niche
Step 3: Visit each of these accounts, build a list of their followers
Next Step: Like comment and follow each of these followers
Step 5: Repeat Step 4 for as long as you can

And as long as you keep posting high-quality contents, your followers will return the deed for you. They will be the one liking, commenting, and sharing your posts with their friends. Increasing your exposure in the process.

2. Post High Quality and Stunning Images or Videos on Instagram

As you already know, the success of Instagram lies with images and videos heavily. So you should start investing more in media and video marketing. If your business is on par with cooking, travel, or eCommerce, you can post awesome and breathtaking sceneries to captivate your readers into purchasing your product or services.

It’s about time to let go of long-based articles and start propagating your content in other mediums. We recommend you create stunning images, infographics, gifs, and videos to promote your brand.

3. Hashtags In Comments

Don’t forget the power of hashtags. If you’re going to post or publish something, incorporate hashtags with them. Hashtags are a powerful tool to help readers find you quicker. We recommend you used popular hashtags since many followers are already using that. And if a new user decided to check the hashtags if they want to discover new things, your posts will pop up right away, making it easier for the readers to see what you’re up to.

4. Marketing Campaigns For Contests

Another great way of attracting your Instagram followers is a contest. Users love contests as they all wanted to get something without paying anything in return. You can easily gain more followers, likes, shares, and posts as your followers are likely to join your contest just to get something they want. We recommend you used the products that sell well (or highly in demand) as your marketing price as users will more likely to participate.

Aside from that, this is also the perfect opportunity for you to utilize the connection you have with other influencers in your field of expertise. Kindly ask them to promote your contest to their followers. If you’re already close with an influencer, then you might be in luck as they will most likely volunteer to promote it to their followers without requesting for any payments.

While other influencers would exchange the exposure for something in return. In most cases, to test your product. Whatever it is, learn how to compromise and seal some deals as long as it’s good for your business and both parties are contented with the terms laid out.

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