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9 Types of Intelligence You Should Know

When we talk about intelligence, the first thing hits the mind is scientists. Somehow, we associate intelligence with the ability to comprehend and solve complex subjects such as Maths and Science. Well, we cannot blame the society for thinking that way because that’s how most education systems work. Most education systems around the world focus on academic excellence. On the other hand, some people deem someone as smart and intelligence if he or she is capable of grasping English fluently.

While that may be true in some cases, but you shouldn’t confine the power of intelligence to one entity. Every one of us is born with unique abilities and skills. As such, one’s intelligence might not lie on the academic stuff but may be a genius in other things.

We function on a dozen different levels of intelligence. ~Bergen Evans

Want to find out where your specialty lies? Here are nine types of intelligence:



Naturalist Intelligence

Naturalists possess the ability to connect with living things such as plants, animals, as well as the natural world. They have a deep understanding of nature, which enables them to become renowned hunters, gatherers, and farmers. Naturalists are more inclined to taking a course that relates to the environment such as Botany, Fisheries, and Agriculture.

Musical Intelligence

True to its word, this type of people are what you can consider as music prodigies. They have the ability to pick up pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone. Their creativity lies with the production of music. Vast opportunities will come to them as they are the future composers, artists, musicians, pianists, and vocalists among other things. They feel like they’re in perfect harmony with the tones they’ve created either vocally or using a musical instrument.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

This pertains to the type of intelligence we all know. People with this type of intelligence have the ability to solve complex equations and problems through hypothesis and logical, deductive, and mathematical solutions. Logical intelligence is often used by mathematicians, scientists, astronomers, meteorologists, and detectives. They can relate abstract things to reality in order to deduce logical reasoning and thinking skills.

Existential Intelligence

This type of intelligence portrays one’s ability to deduce human’s existence as well as our human purpose in life. These people are often called as philosophers as they are the representatives of our humanity.

Interpersonal Intelligence

These people possess the confidence, ability, and skills to converse with other people and are good in public speaking. Their interpersonal skills allow them to have the power of persuasion when it comes to debates and arguments. They can easily pick the other’s moods, actions, gestures, a line of thought and use this information to counter the offending party. Teaching, law, and politics are some of the most popular jobs for interpersonal skills.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

These people are known to have the ability to manipulate physical objects and physical skills. This intelligence also involves their perception and timing to coordinate all movements and objects in order to produce a synchronized physical presentation. Most people who possessed this intelligence are athletes, surgeons, dancers, and crafters.

Linguistic Intelligence


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People with linguistic intelligence have the ability to use words and language to express their feelings to the world and grasp complex meanings. Linguistic intelligence is widely used in our modern world, and it is obvious by how we admire poets, novelists, writers, journalists, and translators. Not only are linguist people able to manipulate words but they can also grasp and learn another language effectively and easily.

Intra-personal Intelligence

This is opposite to interpersonal intelligence. People with this intelligence have the ability to understand one’s  true nature. They have the capacity to put themselves in another person’s shoes and indulge themselves in one’s thoughts, opinions, and logic reasoning. Hence, they are more compassionate and understandable than the others. They are quick to relate with other people and create unbreakable bonds. Popular jobs under this type of intelligence include psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and spiritual leaders.

Spatial Intelligence

Last but not the least, these people have the ability to manipulate space and warp it according to their perspective. Some of the most popular jobs that spatial-intelligent person can get include architects, sculptors, painters, and sailors. Their artistic skills and creativity are beyond measure.  

Finding and Understanding Your Type Of Intelligence

If you’re still not sure where you’re intelligence lies, we recommend you take this test. The Gardner studies will help you identify your key points such as your strengths, abilities, weaknesses, and limitations in order to learn what your intelligence is. The moment you discover where your strength lies in, you need to make the necessary steps to improve your skills. 


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