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James Bond’s Aston Martin’s Got a New Version, and Guess What, It Fits Right Into Your Pocket!

The Aston Martin DB5 is widely known thanks to its appearance in the James Bond movies. The car model first hit the market in 1963, and until 1965, over 1000 DB5s were produced.

Wait, so you’re saying you missed buying the iconic car back then? Well, that’s nothing you’ve got to worry about ‘coz you can still make it yours in 2020!

Surprised, right? With the latest collaboration between The Little Car Company (the makers who worked magic on Bugatti Type 35) and Aston Martin, you can enjoy the ride of the new DB5 in 2020. Check out more details here.

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Daily Express | James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5 gets a makeover

A sneak peek into the revamped Aston Martin

The 2020 version of the car, known as the DB5 Junior, is an electric car, unlike its predecessor. It is 3m long and 1.1m wide (true to the ‘junior’ tag if you ask us). On a typical day, an electric car has incredible speed, but imagine the DB5 engine having that kind of horsepower; it’s going to be fast and furious!

The steering wheel is quite similar to the vintage version though it’s smaller. So as not to lose the vintage touch, the dashboard is designed by the same company that worked on the 1963 version. It won’t have a fuel gauge though. The junior will be painted with the legendary Aston Martin 1963 DB5 silver birch, and another vintage feature that you’ll be able to see is the wishbone suspension in the front and rear.


Autocar | The beautiful vehicle is an electric car unlike the original version

Can you ever talk about a car and not discuss the battery? The battery of DB5 Junior is at its normal place – under the bonnet – and it’s removable. On a full charge, it can power the vehicle for about 20 miles on a speed of 30mph. After a ride, you can change the battery yourself with ease.

You need to know this! The DB5 Junior will have three driving modes. The first being the Novice mode in which the power will be low, which means safe driving is the key point here. The second one is the Expert mode which can unleash all the horsepower in the car. Lastly, the Race mode is pretty self-explanatory, right?

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So when can you take it for a spin?

This amazing vehicle will hit the market in 2021 at a price of $60,200 with taxes. If you don’t mind a car that has the power of about 10kW, two batteries, improved traction, and high speed, you need to grab this deal quickly! What’s the rush? Well, the company is only producing 1059 DB5 Juniors! Plus, with the purchase, you get automatic membership of the great Aston Martin Owners Club. It’s your call!


This Is Money | It is expected to hit the markets in 2021

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