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Japanese YouTuber-Turned MP Gets Fired For “Never Going To Work”

GaaSyy, the Japanese internet celebrity-turned-MP, has recently been dismissed from his position in Japan’s Parliament. The reason? Well, he simply never appeared for work. He failed to attend any of the parliamentary sessions. His presence was required for voting on bills, but he never showed up.

GNN / According to reports, GaaSyy currently lives in the UAE.

In this article, we will delve into GaaSyy’s history and explain why this dismissal is so controversial.


GaaSyy first made a name for himself as a YouTuber with numerous followers and video views. He had built an online brand around making funny videos and commentating on current events. He later became a member of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party in April 2019, which was met with much surprise by his fans.

Despite not having formal political experience, he was a very popular figure in Japan’s parliament due to his celebrity status.

Reason for Dismissal

Despite the initial shock of his becoming an MP, GaaSyy failed to appear at any parliamentary sessions or vote on bills. He had promised his constituents that he would be diligent in attending all the required sessions but unfortunately never showed up.

YT / GaaSyy never appeared in any parliamentary session since his election – as an MP – in 2021.

His failure to do so led to calls for his dismissal and eventually resulted in his being expelled from the Liberal Democratic Party.

Controversy Surrounding Dismissal

GaaSyy’s lack of attendance has caused much controversy regarding whether or not it is fair for someone with no political or governmental background to become an MP without having any knowledge of the parliamentary system.

Questions have been raised regarding whether his celebrity status was more important than having a qualified MP to represent the people of Japan in Parliament.

Expulsion Rules in Japan

The rules for expulsion in Japan vary depending on the type of political body. In Japan’s Parliament, there are two ways that an MP can be expelled: they must either be found guilty of misconduct or be found to have failed to attend a required number of parliamentary sessions. GaaSyy was expelled due to the latter, having completely neglected his duties as an MP by failing to show up at any of the parliamentary sessions.

The News / GaaSyy’s expulsion is one of the rarest cases in the history of the Japanese parliament.

The exact number of missed sessions that will lead to expulsion is determined by each individual political party. According to the rules set forth by the Liberal Democratic Party, any MP who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without prior approval from their respective party is subject to expulsion. That is exactly what happened with GaaSyy.

Despite this rule being in place for some time, there has been much debate and criticism surrounding it since GaaSyy’s dismissal. Many believe that it does not take into account all of the factors that contributed to his failures, such as his lack of experience with politics or governmental affairs.

Some suggest establishing a system where MPs without formal political backgrounds can receive proper training. So that, they can learn how to properly perform their duties before being elected into office.

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