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Jay-Z and Beyonce Finally Reveal How You Can Avail Free Concert Tickets Worth for a Lifetime!

It’s everyone’s dream to get free concert tickets to attend our favorite celebrities’ shows. We dream of grabbing that VIP seat to see our idols close-up. If you’re a fan of the power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, then you’re in luck! The duo is willing to give you free concert tickets of a lifetime’s worth, but not without a catch! You must abide by their only condition if you want to get eligible. The terms? You need to convert to being vegan.

The Greenprint Project

Beyonce and Jay-Z are set to launch the Greenprint Project to encourage their fans to go vegan. In turn, their fans can attend their concert, either individually or their combined shows for free. What’s more, the tickets’ worth can last for a lifetime! Beyonce announced the said competition on her Instagram account with a link directing her fans to a website.

Dylan Armajani/Shutterstock
Beyonce and Jay-Z encourage everyone to live a vegan lifestyle through the Greenprint Project.

In there, their fans can pledge to eat vegan meals or give up on eating meat to be eligible on the said luxury prize. The Carters said their fans could get not only this luxurious prize, but they can also improve their health and well-being drastically.

The Features

The Greenprint Project aims to help you transition to a healthy lifestyle easily by launching a vegan meal delivery. You can choose from over 22 healthy menus (and more to come soon) filled with whole grains, healthy fats, and fresh veggies and fruits. You won’t have to much time preparing your meals any more thanks to the app.

You have to browse the app and order the foods you want online. Then you wait for a few minutes to have your food delivered. In this way, you can stay healthy without messing your schedule. Most of all, Beyonce makes sure it’s available for everyone by making it affordable.  You can eat a delicious and nutritious meal for only $9-$15.

The Benefits

According to them, eating a plant-based meal everyday nourishes your body the healthy way while helping the environment. You can help lower down carbon emissions while conserving clean water. Like themselves, the Carters want to challenge everyone to challenge themselves to be healthy and help save the planet as well.

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The couple switched their lifestyle to becoming vegan to better their health and spend a long time with their children in the future.

Beyonce revealed she didn’t go cold turkey when she decided to switch to a plant-based lifestyle. As a mother of three children, she said she started with giving up on eating meat every Monday. Instead, she replaced her meat breakfast with plant-based ones. Meanwhile, her husband Jay-Z eats two plant-based meals every day.

The Competition

If you’re interested in joining the competition, it’ll close on April 22, and the couple will draw a lucky winner in May. According to the guidelines, the winner can receive an astounding $12,000 worth of free concert tickets!

Together with her trainer, Beyonce founded the Greenprint project which aims to educate people about the health and environmental benefits of a vegan lifestyle. The visitors can browse the slideshow images highlighting the positive impacts of going vegan.

The Switch

According to Beyonce, she was beyond glad they made that lifestyle change roughly six years ago. She revealed eating plant-based foods helped shed off the excess pounds in her body and keep her beautiful physique. She doesn’t have to struggle with jumping from one diet to another anymore to keep her weight off.

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The Carters’ lifestyle started when they completed the 22-day vegan challenge sometime in December 2013.

Beyonce adds how she lost weight fast, and her body and skin got firmer and tighter compared when she was depriving herself of eating some foods. She also doesn’t forget to drink a lot of water to hydrate herself.

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