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Jennifer Lopez on a Streak- Buys the Encino Home for $1.4 million

Jennifer Lopez, nicknamed J.Lo, has a flourished career as an American actress, singer, dancer, and producer. However, despite her fame for her singing skills, the actress also has a penchant for investing in real estate. Lopez, along with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, has gone ahead acquiring properties from Bel Air to Manhattan. The latest in her acquisition is a single-story house she acquired at Encino. The pandemic could do nothing to slow down the couple, and recently they paid out $1.4 million for the property.

The property spans for 0.13 acres with the house measuring about 2,202 square feet. The corner property boasts of a small private family house that only has three bedrooms and two connected bathrooms with one powder room. The speculations are that this house has been bought with the intention of resale or intended for a family relative since they are residing at a far more luxurious dwelling of Rodriguez in Miami.


The Sun | This home would most likely be on the market again soon

The Encino Home might not have a plethora of rooms and has a modest exterior, but its interior is nothing less than modern and classy to exude both comfort and opulence. Built n 1948, the house has been recently renovated to compete with the latest standards of luxury. The exterior of the house has a usual red-tiled roof like that of a cottage and cream-colored masonry walls.

Newsbreak | The interiors of the home screams coziness

The interior of the cottage features a wooden roof and flooring to send forth feelings of warmth. The walls are stark white to contrast with charcoal-colored high ceilings and wide-plank hardwood floors. The kitchen has been newly renovated and opens into the living room and a dining area. It works on a heather gray theme for the cabinets, snow-white countertops with classy stainless-steel appliances that produce an essence of durability and practicality.

The entire kitchen centers around an island that functions both as a prep table for cooking and a dining table. The French doors in the lounge look into a wide shaded patio space. The patio doubles as a cozy sitting area and outdoor dining area.

Mansionglobal | The classy interior color scheme is enough to impress anyone who sets eyes on the mansion

The house is not only a hub to rest and revitalize after a tiring day but it also offers two detached facilities: one is a home office built on an expanse of 200 sq ft, positioned behind a garage space.

However, other than this Encino house, the couple has in its possession a beach house at Malibu bought for $6.6 million, a Bel Air Mansion that Lopez bought for $20 million 4 years ago, and multiple other residencies in Miami. It is worth noting that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are intent on doubling their net worth by exploring the realm of real estate.

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