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Jenny Craig Just Made $22 Million By Selling Her House, And You Would Not Believe How Amazing It Is!

It is never easy to sell a big house because the buyer is then very particular about each and every minute detail of the property as a lot of money is to be spent. But still, people do manage to sell their multi-million-dollar houses, at least most of the time, because there is always someone out there who is looking for exactly what they are selling.

In the case of Jenny Craig, the same held true for her recently sold $22 million beachfront property.

Beachside properties are certainly popular in California, thanks to the presence of many high-net-worth individuals in the region

According to details of the listing, this property spans over an area of around 7625 sq. ft. and is situated in the gorgeous Del Mar area of California. The listing explicitly mentioned that the panoramic views accessible by the house are one of its most defining features, as residents would be able to see the ocean from the breath-taking La Jolla all the way to San Clemente.

Although most likely a marketing statement, but the listing also called this house the best that San Diego had to offer, but perhaps this statement does hold true considering the magnificence of this place.

Excellent Privacy

There is a lot of privacy that comes with this house, which is perfect for anyone who wishes to stay away from the public eye, thanks to its own personal driveway that can only be accessed through a perfectly secured gate.

This driveway has enough capacity to host around 18 cars at the same time, which is necessary considering that the added privacy makes this house absolutely perfect for hosting a group of people for a private gathering.

The new owner of this property gets to enjoy a large swimming pool as well

A Lot Of Space

And while we are on the topic of entertaining people, it should also be mentioned that the interior of the house is spacious enough that a full-fledged party can easily be hosted without causing any strain to the house.

For example, there is a big interior courtyard that can accommodate all of your friends. If you like hosting people outdoors, then a fully equipped kitchen is located very close to the patio which also provides easy access to the swimming pool as well as the spa.

The house also has a lot of living spaces. There are five spacious bedrooms and also a total of seen bathrooms, which are enough for a family of 6 to live comfortably without having to share a room. In addition to the indoor living rooms, there is also a private beach measuring over an area of around 80 feet that comes under the direct ownership of whoever buys this house.

The gorgeous living spaces allow for a comfortable sitting experience

The driveway is not the only place where you can park vehicles. Of course, for the owner’s personal cars, a 4-car garage is also installed within the house.

All this, at least according to the listing, makes this house a very unique offering compared to all other houses that are located on the beachside, and that is probably why Craig has commanded such a high price for it, and also earned a nice profit considering she had bought it back in the 80s for only $3.25 million.

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