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Jessica Simpson’s Openness About Her Pregnancy Challenges Is a Must Read

Simpson’s Pregnancy Challenges

Pregnancy is an exciting thing for a lot of women. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it is also a challenging phase for most of these women. Just like every typical mom, Jessica Simpson cannot hide her excitement about her pregnancy with her third kid.

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Simpson opens up about her challenges with bronchitis and sciatica

Simpson’s pregnancy has come with its fair share of pains and aches and with the look of things, that isn’t changing anytime soon. The mother of two took to Instagram to inform her followers that she spent one week in the hospital as she was struggling with bronchitis. Her last visit made it the fourth visit to the hospital within a duration of 2 months.

Simpson took to her social media page to share with her followers a picture where she was covering her mouth and nose with a mask.

Simpson’s Openness About Challenges

The picture’s caption had her explaining that coughing with her unborn child, (a baby girl who already has the name “Birdie”), has been a very crazy and painful journey. The singer, however, noted that she’s getting healthier with each passing day and her baby is also doing fine.

Still writing about her unborn baby, she wrote that she’s getting closer to being healthy and also excitedly counting down to the days when she’ll see her baby’s sweet smile. She ended the caption with warm prayers and sent her love to mothers who have gone through what she was going through and those presently going through it.

Interestingly, she has been very open with the challenges she’s having with her pregnancy. For instance, she recently made a revelation about the health challenges she was having with bronchitis and sciatica.

She said she had sciatica pain for a month and later Bronchitis for another 3 weeks. Scalia has to do with back pain resulting from a pinch of the sciatic nerve and is usually a common and very painful pregnancy symptom.

Simpson announced her pregnancy last year and also made it known that she suffered from a bloated face, severe acid reflux and even broke her toilet seat.

Indirect Encouragement For Pregnant Moms

In January, she shared a picture of her feet that were obviously swollen. She showed photos of her feet before and after pregnancy as her own way of joining the #10YearChallenge.

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Simpson’s openness has encouraged other moms to be more open about their respective pregnancy challenges

A picture of Simpson’s swollen left foot actually went viral earlier in the year, and that only prompted other moms also to share their own pregnancy stories. She later revealed that cupping was what helped in relieving the swelling.

A health website explained that bronchitis isn’t uncommon in winter months and pregnancy can even make it more uncomfortable because it’s harder for them to breathe in.

Simpson’s honesty is a commendable one. Pregnancy for a lot of women is quite challenging but for different reasons but the society chooses to discuss cravings and glowing during pregnancy. There is rarely a discussion about the difficulty of pregnancy both emotionally and physically.

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