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Joe Jonas’ Parents Didn’t Know about His Las Vegas Wedding With Sophie Turner, Here’s How They Found Out

Most celebrities plan their wedding ahead of time, but as much as they want to keep everything a secret, details of which would soon trickle down. However, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are two who prove that they can do it – their surprise Las Vegas wedding would not have slipped if it was not for one of their guests come videographer Diplo, who gave us real-time, albeit grainy, updates on the ceremony that was officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator.


Naturally, we didn’t get to see every detail of the wedding, but weeks after that, we finally have an idea of what transpired. It is bound to happen, anyway – for what it’s worth, Joe is a pop star and Sophie starred in “Game of Thrones,” a highly praised HBO show that spanned for eight years, so it’s not like they could keep the event from slipping out into the public. Kudos to them for trying to keep it private, though, because it certainly wasn’t an easy feat.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Thanks to Diplo, we had a glimpse of the Las Vegas wedding of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Fans of the celebrity couple shouldn’t feel bad about not being told about their idols’ plans or for not witnessing the wedding through a justifiable video quality, as even important people in their lives were not invited. But what’s worse than not being invited to the important day of your child? Answer: Not knowing that your bundle of joy is getting married.

Hearing the News

This was what exactly happened with Joe’s parents, who he said had no clue he had gotten married to the love of his life. The DNCE vocalist admitted he had not told his mom and dad about the elopement, but sooner or later, we all know that the truth is just going to come out. True enough, the parents, later on, found out about this, but it didn’t come from the horse’s mouth.

lev radin/Shutterstock
Joe Jonas narrated how his parents found out about the wedding from their restaurant staff

Probably the most decent thing to do for Joe, who did not invite his parents nor informed them prior to the ceremony, was to tell them himself after what happened. But no, they heard the news from their North Carolina restaurant staff who congratulated them. So, as any person would do, they had to know the truth and unfortunately, it was the internet who gave them the details.

Real Reason

Knowing that he had some explaining to do, Joe, like any of us will probably do, bribed his parents of some spa passes at the posh Four Seasons. But don’t judge the singer just yet, there’s a reason why he had done such a thing – apparently, he and Sophie were planning of a summer wedding in France, but they are required to tie the knot in the United States first.

lev radin/Shutterstock
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are planning a France wedding

Explaining their decision, Joe said that the Las Vegas ceremony was just for legality’s sake and not the “most important day.” The 29-year-old further hinted that there would indeed be a grander and fitting ceremony ahead, which where he will probably invite his mom and dad.

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