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John Travolta Recalls His Surreal Dance With Princess Diana

Who says dreams don’t come true? Sometimes they do, and that too, in the most unexpected of ways. Often when such a moment comes, people are left speechless, and we’re guessing that’s what happened with Hollywood star John Travolta


Matej Divizna/Getty Images | Back in 1985 during Prince Charles’ visit to the U.S., John Travolta had the pleasure of dancing with Princess Diana at the White House

On November 11, 1985, during Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s visit to the United States, Travolta got a chance to share a precious dance with the royal lady. The actor, who was already humbled at being included in the rather limited guest list of 80 people, recalled being utterly shocked when Di asked him to dance with her. The two-time Oscar nominee was so surprised that he couldn’t believe the moment was real.

The story behind the mesmerizing dance

Recently, PBS’ show In Their Own Words honored Princess Diana in one of its episodes. It talked to people who were close to the late princess and who’ve been impacted by her actions quite a lot. That’s when the amazing story of Diana’s boldness came to light as Travolta shared his memory of the icon.

He said he was already feeling like a misfit among so many VIPs chosen by the Reagans (with a few suggestions by the Prince and Princess of Wales), but despite that feeling, when one of the hosts invited him to the dance floor, he couldn’t decline the offer. After all, it was Princess Diana asking him to dance with her!


Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images | Travolta recalls that when he and Diana danced together, all other guests cleared the dance floor

Describing the moment, he said it was ten at night when the first lady, Nancy Regan, tapped on his shoulder and said the princess wished to dance with him and asked if he would like to dance with her too. Recalling his bewilderment, he said he froze, but when he realized it’s not his imagination, he couldn’t help but reply, “Well, of course!.” Regan then went on to explain to him that at midnight, she would escort him to Diana and he would ask her for a dance like a true gentleman. 

When the moment of truth arrived, the Pulp Fiction star’s heart started racing. As he approached the royal, he couldn’t feel anything but nervousness. With some courage, when he tapped on her shoulder, and she turned, all his worries disappeared behind Di’s beautiful smile!

Soon, he asked Diana if she would care to dance with him, and the royal agreed. In a few seconds, the whole room cleared, and the two kept dancing for almost 15 minutes! For Travolta, it was a true storybook moment, post which both of them went their separate ways and his carriage turned back to a pumpkin (aww!).


Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images | Princess Diana was so beautiful, polite, and sincere, that anyone who met her couldn’t help but be in awe of her

Princess Diana – The Charmer!

While John Travolta’s memory was rather heart-warming, he wasn’t the only one who had the chance to enjoy dancing with Diana. Many guests, even President Regan danced with the royal. Everyone who met her was in awe of her personality.

People wanted to talk to her and know her, and Di being the person she was, had no problem with this. She always called herself a humanitarian and not a politician, and people appreciated that. Everyone could relate to her, and that’s why when she passed away, the whole world was in shock. Such was Diana’s appeal.

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