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Jonas Brothers are Back With a Bang!

Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas are back to the music scene, and this could actually be the biggest entertainment news his year in my opinion. The title of their new single is “sucker”, and we can’t wait any longer.

The brothers will kick off their reunion “The Late Show with James Corden” on Thursday.

The announcement on their comeback was made on last Thursday, and to make things more alluring, they will be in charge of the late show with James Corden as part of the activities to kick off this reappearance in the music scene.

What You Need To Know About The New Song

The new song sucker seems like one that is going to be a smashing hit as it is a love song, something the Jonas brother thrive on. The long is said to have lyrics like “it’s true I’m a sucker for you.” The song will be released alongside its visuals, and the significant others of each of the brothers will be making appearances in the video, talking about Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas, and Sophie Turner. This could actually be the talk of the year folks!

The music video will have cameo appearances from the brother’s significant others: Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas, and Sophie Turner.

Previous Reunion Rumors

In the real sense of things, fans started to have a feeling that something like this is on the horizon when out of the blue the brother’s band Instagram and Twitter pages were activated last year. But the brothers undoubtedly did not want to let the cat out of the bag, seems they wanted to take their fans and the music industry by surprise. We remember that Nick especially denied any chance of the reunion when he had an interview with E! News Ryan Seacrest during the 2018 Grammys award ceremony.

When the question of the comeback was put to him, he countered that the brothers only hung for a weekend is something like a family get together, and that was when the Instagram and Twitter page got reactivated to capture the moments. He also said that time that no reunion was planned, but most importantly, he never shut the door entirely on one, saying “Never say never, you never know what is going to happen.” I think we know already now nick!

Nick denied the possibility of a reunion at the grams last year, although he did not completely shut the door for a project in the future.

Now the band is fully back together, and we can expect a full-time reunion is just right about the corner. There are a lot of appearances to expect from them too, with a brand new episode of carpool karaoke, as well as taking part in a hilarious aspect of James Corden show tagged “Spill Your Gut or Fill Your Guts.”

More To Come Hopefully?

We also hope that this is just a first of many music projects that they will be coming up with, especially for the sake of us, their fans. It would be lovelier if they blessed us with an album, featuring some other music stars, as well as a world tour, giving how busy each of the brothers is with personal projects, we really hope this isn’t wishful thinking. Time will tell if it is.

But for now, we are just going to get set to finally dance and sing along to the new song ‘sucker’, and yes we cannot wait any longer!

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