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Justin Bieber & The Missus Just Bought An Impressive Beverly Park Mansion

He made so many of us fall in love with pop again with his peppy number, “Baby, baby, baby…oh!” We know you know who we’re talking about. Hey, that sounded like a line from F.R.I.E.N.D.S didn’t it?

Well anyways, Justin Bieber – the young free-spirited singer who started off as a teen sensation, faced tough criticism at the young age, but came out a winner – is in the news lately for making a whopping real estate deal. He and his wife, model Hailey Baldwin, recently splashed a couple of bags full of dollar bills on a beautiful Beverly Park Mansion.

Okay, okay, you want to know everything. We get it. So without testing your patience, we’re going to spill the beans on this one. Hop on!

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The Blast | Justin Beiber & Hailey Baldwin just bought beautiful Beverly Park Mansion

Justin & Hailey’s New Home

The cute couple that often makes fans go awww with their PDA and Insta pics seems to have become fond of real estate and homes recently. They bought a Beverly Hills pad just a year and a half ago for $8.5 million. And now they’re back to buy a sprawling mansion in the same area (guard-gated Beverly Park community) for a rather handsome sum of $25.8 million! Wow, celebs do go a little crazy on the house-spending don’t they?

The size of the house can only be described as gigantic as it’s located across an area of ​​11,145 square feet. It contains seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms spread over two floors. A house with these specifications and this space may need a map to walk inside. Someone better tell Justin that.


LA Times | The house is enormous and very well furnished

Since the house was initially built in the 1980s, you may get the impression that it’s an old building. But your perception will quickly fade away when you learn that it was owned by a Dubai-based real estate investor just before Justin bought it.

Of course, the fact that someone in real estate owned it previously doesn’t mean the house has to be in mint condition. But consider this – he modernized the property and changed most of it to the point that it managed to attract the attention of someone like Justin Bieber. And here we’re talking about someone who can define the trend of fashion with a picture alone. So it’s safe to say Mr. Dubai must’ve made some pretty neat updates.

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Of course, the house has everything to make it ideal – a professional gym, spa, swimming pool, movie-theater, fireplace, lounge space, and even a tennis court. In addition, it overlooks the mountains from all directions in a wonderful cinematic scene. And how could you even think Justin and Haley’s neighbors would be “regular” people! Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson are gonna be there the next door.


USA Today | The couple spent a whopping $25.8 million on the purchase

As for their other real estate properties, the couple owns a house in Canada, and they also owned a Tuscan-style mansion in Calabasas before they sold it in 2016 to Khloé Kardashian for $7.2 million.

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