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Justin Bieber Has a New Face Tattoo, Can You Guess What It Says?

Unknown Tattoo Wordings

Justin Bieber has reportedly gotten yet anothertattoo. This time around, he got the tattoo together with his newly wedded wife, Hailey Baldwin. Bang Bang whose actual name is Keith McCurdy said he did the tattoo and he revealed to a media outlet that both Bieber and his wife got new tattoos. He made it known thatJustin got his tattoo somewhere on his face. He added that Bieber is good at keeping the tattoohidden as he is yet to see any picture of itanywhere online.

The tattoo artist also said that the tattoo is very thin and also delicate. He also added that it is not the regular tattoo that most couples get. He hinted that the tattoo was right next to the pop singers eyebrow and comprises of words. He didn’t talk about the exact time when they got their tattoos. However, a lot of people are  speculating that it could be the mark that was seen above the singer’s brow earlier in July.

The Canadian popstar and Baldwin tied the knotsometime in September in a secret marriage ceremony. Their wedding came only 2 months after they announced their engagement.

Face Tattoos

Bieber has reportedly been getting more and more tattoos ever since he turned 16. On his face, he has a tattoo of eye cross. He got this tattoo on his face in 2016. The tattoo appears right under one of his eyes. While speaking to a media outlet, Jon Boy, the artist who did the tattoo revealed what the small cross under the singers eye meant. He said it represented the singer’s faith as well as his journey aimed at finding God’s purpose.

Bieber doesn’t appear to be slowing down on getting more tattoos ever since he got the first one when he turned 16

Body Tattoos

Bieber also has a lot of other tattoos on his body. In October 2015, he tattooed the title of one of his albums “Purpose’ around his belly button. In 2013, he inked the birth year of his mum, Patte Mallette, around his collarbone. The year 1975is written in Roman numerals around his collarbone.

Bieber also has a little crown tattoo on his chest. He got that done sometime in 2012. A lot of his fans hold the belief that the tattoo was in honour of the late Michael Jackson, one of the pop star’s musical idols.

Bieber also has a tattoo of the cross right in the middle of his chest. He got the ink sometime in 2014. He is quite open about his religion and faith and it therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that he has quite a number of faith-related tattoos. Bieber also has another tattoo in common with his dad on his abdomen side. The tattoo is “Yeshua which in Hebrew means Jesus.

Bieber is a Christian and he has quite a number of faith-related tattoos

The first tattoo Bieber ever got was one of the seagull. He did that in March 2010 when he marked his 16th birthday. The seagull title was reportedly inspired by  Richard Bach and particularly his novel titled Jonathan Livingston Seagull. This is yet another tattoo which Bieberand his dad also have in common.

In the first month in 2014, Justin decided to get Forgive inked on his waist. The tabloids were reportedly giving him a hard time during that particular period. The Forgive message waspossibly Bieber’s message to people out there. In 2018, he revealed two tattoos on Instagram as he showed off his new bear and eagle tattoo. The face of the bear was under Bieber’s right shoulder while the huge eagle was under one of his very prominent tattoos. Barely a week after he unveiled the bear and eagle tattoo, he revealed another lion tattoo under his shoulder.

Back and Neck Tattoos

On his back, he also had “Patience tattooed. When he newly got the tattoo, some fans speculated that he was making reference to hison-off relationship with Selena Gomez. Bieber doesn’t make his religion a secret affair and so he has another large tattoo inspired by chapter 119 of Psalms as a tattoo on his back. The message is from verse 105 of this bible chapter. Also in 2014, he got a symbol representingtreble clef tattooed behind his neck.

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