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Did Justin Bieber Sell The Rights To His Music? Here’s All You Need To Know About The $200 Million Deal!

Justin Bieber is no stranger to the world, the 28-year-old singer has been under the spotlight for nearly 2 decades and has created songs that became major hits such as Baby, Love Yourself, Sorry, and No Brainer. And according to the latest reports, it appears as though the singer has cracked quite an incredible deal for his music. Reports say that Bieber has sold the rights to his music in exchange for $200 million. Bieber has now created history, by being the youngest celebrity to cash in on the entirety of his life’s work. The rights to 271 songs of Justin’s are sold, including all the songs that he has released as well as any song that he was interested in until 2021. 


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The Owner Of Hipgnosis

The buyer of Justin’s music was Hipgnosis Songs Capital which is a music rights business backed up by a billion dollars from Blackstone which is a private equity firm. The Guardian says that Hipgnosis is run by music tycoon Merck Mercuriadis and is managed by Hipgnosis Song Management. Mercuriadis is also the founder of Hipgnosis, a music rights business that is London-listed and has spent $2 billion since 2018.

The deal that Justin made with Mercuriadis, is according to him, one of the biggest deals made by a celebrity under the age of 70. Furthermore, the music magnate also praised Bieber and said that the What Do You Mean singer is one of the most defining music creators who gave the music industry a new life.

Pixabay/Pexels | Justin sold all the original recordings as well as the rights to his music to Hipgnosis Songs Capital

How It Works

With the signed deal with Justin Bieber, Hipgnosis will be making a sum of money every time a song made by Bieber will be played on film, the radio, tv, or streamed on online platforms such as Spotify. BBC also says that along with the rights to Biebers’ music, the company has also obtained the original master recordings of all his songs. 

Joining The Artists Who Cash Out Their Music

From 2011 to 2021, Justin created a total of 6 albums, all of which were successful, on top of that, the Intentions singer has also recorded a number of remixes and compilation albums. The singer is a big believer in collaborations as well, and it is proven through the endless collaboration songs he’s made with singers like Dan + Shay, Ed Sheeran, Major Lazer, DJ Khaled, Nikki Minaj, and many more. By signing the deal, Justin has now become a part of all the artists who have cashed out on their catalogs.

Stephen Niemeier/Pexels | Justin has collaborated with many artists and created some top-charting music

Other Singers That Have Sold Their Catalogs

More often than not, artists make their lifetime catalog deals when they are close to the end of their music career. Some of the incredible artists to have done so are Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Blondie, and Bary Manilow. 


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