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Karlie Kloss and Husband Joshua’s Apartment Goes For $6.6 Million, And Here Are All The Amazing Things That The New Owner Would Get To Enjoy!

If you have ever bought or sold property, then you must know the importance of securing a good price for it as no matter how gorgeous it looks, there is always a little bit of bargaining involved which can make all the difference, causing you to either incur a profit or a loss on the purchase/sale.

But for people like supermodel Karlie Kloss and her husband Joshua Kushner, a small fluctuation in the listed price probably does not bother them considering they have millions of dollars to their names.

Both Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner are extremely rich, the former for a very successful career while the latter has inherited family wealth and is a businessman.

And that is why the pair are probably very happy to have finally sold their apartment located in the Manhattan region of New York for approximately $6.6 million, even though this figure is reportedly around $300K less than what the couple had originally demanded. It can take such expensive properties years to find a buyer, but Kushner and Kloss have found one just a few months after having originally listed it.

Making Changes

Even though this was only an apartment, but you can be sure that it was as luxurious as any accommodation owned by even the most famous celebrities in Hollywood. But if you are wondering why Kushner and Kloss have decided to sell it if it was so gorgeous, then the answer is simple: they got married, and hence their priorities have changed.

Both Kushner and Kloss looked absolutely stunning on the day of their wedding.

After tying the knot in a gorgeous ceremony arranged in the upstate area of New York back in October of 2018, the couple has reportedly been searching for a new home.

And now that Kloss has walked down the aisle for the second time in another wedding ceremony, this one arranged in the Wyoming region’s Brush Creek Ranch which also hosted many A-list names working in the entertainment industry, it was probably time for them to move forward and sell this property.

A Spacious Accommodation

Whoever has decided to purchase this apartment has now become the proud owner of a space that spans an area of 2000 sq. ft. and has two bedrooms as well as two and a half bathrooms. A huge terrace spread over an area of 1120 sq. ft. is also a defining feature of this place, which has also been landscaped to add to its beauty.

The floors are made of a pattern called the walnut herringbone which is spread all across the apartment, while both the abstract lighting as well as the large windows ensure the space remains perfectly lit depending upon the time of the day.

We bet they would miss this apartment, but of course, they are probably moving into a much better place.

The living room is only 28 feet big, but there is a wall in it that is made up of black windows with a metal frame as well as a fireplace that is made up of granite, offering a lavish outlook to the entire setting.

The master suite’s entrance is through a door that has been designed in a French style, while there are also two closets with enough space to allow the user to simply walk in and make the selection of clothes and shoes. Many other amenities in the house such as a gym as well as a terrace on the rooftop simply offer a complete luxurious residential experience.

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