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Kate Middleton Opens Up About Her Relationship with Prince William

Marriage is like a sanctum of love. It starts with teamwork and flourishes with respect and the ability to never give up on each other. And all these traits are evident in the marriage of one of the sweetest royal couples – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. The royal couple is always making headlines for charity events or performing duties, but this time, we’re focusing on their relationship with each other.

In a recent video call with a few other couples and moderator Melissa Loosemore, Kate got all mushy about Prince William and revealed some pretty sweet details about her equation with him. We’re sure you’d love to know what she said, and thus, let’s not waste any more time.


Getty Images | In a recent video call, Kate got all mushy about Prince William and revealed some pretty sweet details about her equation with him

Kate Middleton’s revelations

Kate and William, who will celebrate their tenth anniversary in April 2021, have shown great teamwork in performing duties and bringing up their children. The couple, who are parents to two boys and a daughter, take turns while homeschooling them. Apart from this, they enjoy visiting local pubs and spending time with each other.

During the call, when Melissa asked the group to write about their support systems during the pandemic, while most couples mentioned their children or family members, Kate wrote her husband, Prince William’s name. The conversation then took a meaningful turn as Kate started talking about the pandemic and highlighted the difficulties of the families who were without their usual support systems during this time.


Getty Images | Kate and William have shown great teamwork in performing duties and bringing up their children

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To lighten up the conversation, Melissa enquired the parents in the call about homeschooling. To this, Kate responded by remarking that it was an exhausting exercise. She said that her Math skills had deteriorated during the lockdown and rated them -5 on a scale of 1 to 10. That made the moderator and several other participants laugh out loud.

Further down the line during the call, Kate recalled an incident when William had joked about homeschooling kids. She said that her husband had asked her to work on her Math or else she would lag while solving questions at home. The Duchess continued that the lockdown had pushed her to become a part-time hairdresser for her children as well and revealed that Prince William was playing the part of their playmate.

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All in all, the conversation was quite a lively one, and it gave everyone present a nice peek into the at-home life of the royal couple.


Getty Images | The couple will celebrate their tenth anniversary in April 2021

Projects Kate & William have been involved in

Both Kate and William have kept themselves busy during the pandemic. While Kate was busy with charitable events and schemes like her Hold Still Photography content which captured photographs of COVID-19, Prince William was touring homeless shelters.

Not only did he visit these centers, but also, made generous donations while keeping a constant eye on the development of the Coronavirus vaccine. To help the Royal couple keep up with everything, the Queen permitted them to use the Sandringham home for work.

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