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Katie Holmes Dated Jamie Foxx For Six Years Before Breaking Up? Let’s Recap Their Ultra-Secretive Relationship!

All of us remember that time when actress Katie Holmes was married to Tom Cruise, as their relationship was discussed all the time by media outlets around the world. That level of attention has not been paid to Holmes’ subsequent relationships, particularly with Jamie Foxx, as the two of them never really confirmed that they were dating at all. But we had all the reason to believe otherwise, mostly because the two of them spent an ample amount of time with each other.

Both Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes continued to deny the existence of a romantic relationship between each other.

However, now it is being reported that Holmes and Foxx have split up, which is again assuming that they were a couple. According to reports, the pair decided to go their separate ways back in May, and just like they managed to keep their alleged relationship a secret, similarly they did not make any statements about splitting up as well. Regardless, let’s review the time that they did spend together.

After The Divorce

It was back in 2012 that both Holmes and Cruise had announced that they would be filing for divorce, and the proceedings had reached a settlement just months after the initial filing. As a result of the divorce, Holmes was given custody of the couple’s daughter named Suri.

Holmes was married to Tom Cruise and the two of them surely made a lovely couple.

Almost a year afterward, it had been reported that Holmes had been spotted busting a move with Foxx as the two of them were attending a benefit being hosted in the region of Hamptons. If media reports are to be trusted, then this would mark the first instance when the camera had captured these two together, but at that time we had presumed that the two probably shared a friendship together and nothing more. The night seemed to have gotten a bit more intimate when Holmes had reportedly taken a sip from Foxx’s drink.

Not Dating?

Naturally, media outlets had begun questioning the nature of their relationship, to which Foxx had offered a complete denial. But then, around two years later in May of 2015, it was again reported in the media that Foxx and Holmes had been hanging out with each other although a clarification was also provided that most likely their relationship was not serious, at least according to sources.

That same year, Holmes was spotted attending the birthday party thrown for Foxx, an event which she attended by traveling all the way to New York. By this time, the rumor mill was in overdrive as both of them were officially single and yet treating each other as someone special.

Holmes and Foxx have been spotted together many times over the years.

Finally, there was some sort of confirmation about this in June of 2016 when Claudia Jordan, who used to feature on the TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta, said that Foxx was happy with Holmes, although she still did not explicitly mention the existence of a relationship between the two. Similarly, in June of 2018, a rep working for Holmes had said that the two of them had not broken up, which indicated that a relationship does exist.

This year, they attended the Met Gala together, which was probably the first time they had appeared together looking like a couple. But unfortunately, they are now reportedly not together anymore.

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