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These Are The Key Features That Set an Expensive Airbnb Rental Apart From a Cheap One

Renting accommodations through Airbnb has been a growing preference for many travelers in the past years. Not only does it offer people more choice when it comes to the place they stay during vacations, but it also allows people some more affordable accommodations.

While there is nothing wrong with cheap Airbnb rentals, it’s time to shift focus on the more luxurious side of the travel marketplace. Here’s what vacationers should look for when they want to splurge on a top-class Airbnb stay.

Overall Cleanliness
Every little stain or crumb can be a minus point as expensive rentals can afford to have high rates because of what they usually offer

More expensive rentals tend to put more care into maintaining the place and people would be able to tell this easily by observing the overall cleanliness of the house, condo or apartment. Cleanliness can mean different things for different people.

However, a good starting point is seeing if a place is well-organized and appears tidy. These little things will add to the overall ambiance of a rental and make a vacationer’s stay better.

Noise & Atmosphere

Sometimes going for the cheaper options means sacrificing a peaceful night or two. There are plenty of renters who comment on the noise that comes with Airbnbs at lower price points. This is when splurging on a more expensive rental can surely make one’s vacation more enjoyable.

Spa Facilities

Sandratsky Dmitriy/Shutterstock
Spa features aren’t something that people can find in many Airbnb listings

Only a small number of rentals offer ‘spa’ features. This can include anything from facilities that come with the apartment complex or something like a tub in the garden. These amenities are often advertised on Airbnb with the listing and a sign that a rental is well worth its high prices.

Art Decor

Another hallmark of a luxury rental is the presence of fancy art pieces. Although some cheaper Airbnbs can still feature artworks, chances are high that they won’t be as prominently displayed due to security reasons. Meanwhile, wealthier landlords won’t mind keeping their art around much.

Best Location

Splurge on out of the way stays to enjoy downtime

Another observation that travelers will notice is that the nicer rentals tend to be further away from the center of things. This could be a great thing for people who want a quiet stay and can live without immediate necessities like public transportation or stores. If this isn’t an ideal situation, going for cheaper choices that may be in the city center is probably the best route.

Fewer Recommendations

Cheaper Airbnbs tend to list more recommendations for other local things to do around the area of the rental as a way to make up for the lacking features of the place. The opposite can be said for high-price rentals as their owners would likely focus more on keeping their place looking spotless and in top condition.

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