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Khloe Kardashian is Done With Internet Bullies, and She Just Dealt With Them In This Wonderful Way!

The conversation surrounding cyberbullying has mostly covered people who are currently at an impressionable age and hence are very vulnerable to the hateful comments being posted for and about them on the internet, but it has not covered famous people who receive such negativity on their social media handles every day.

Recently, reality TV star Khloe Kardashian faced something very similar on one of her Instagram posts, and she dealt with it like a total boss: she turned off commenting on her post.

There is no doubt that Khloe Kardashian’s appearance has changed over the years, but we bet it has mostly to do with different makeup techniques

Apparently, Kardashian had posted a picture of herself in which it looked like she had gotten something injected in her lips. The celebrity is currently 35 years of age, and although this is not the first time that a Kardashian has been accused of getting a cosmetic procedure done on her face, the comments kept flooding in until Khloe finally disabled the option to comment on her post.

Hundreds of Comments

Although, as always, Khloe received many positive comments on her selfie, on this picture many people felt compelled to point out that her lips looked too protruded.

For example, in addition to the comments which simply expressed their shock at her seemingly changed appearance, some made sure to highlight that her lips were prominently changed and did not look nice at all. One commentator even went so far as to accuse the celebrity of having undergone a procedure which had pumped up her lips so much that she could allegedly no longer close them.

Khloe has become very used to dealing with haters, both online and offline, and now it probably does not bother her anymore

But Khloe had not shared the picture to show off her lips at all. In fact, judging by the caption she had posted with her picture, Khloe had simply meant to point out the glow which was apparent on her face, something she credited to a woman named Melissa who, we’re guessing, is the provider of the skincare products that Khloe had used on her face.

Used To It

However, we bet that Khloe was not shocked to have received all these comments, as the celebrity had come under fire back in April of this year after she shared a picture of herself which was perceived by her followers to be overly edited. According to one of the comments on that picture, apparently Khloe’s face looked a bit morphed whereby her eyes looked like they had been pulled a bit backward.

Khloe loves posting pictures with her daughter True

Back then, Khloe had responded directly to this comment and had preferred to take the high road by first inferring that people love to highlight anything remotely flawed in her pictures, and then simply sent love to the commentator.

The commentators found another flaw in the pictures from her recent Bahamas trip, as they felt that the mother of 16-month-old True had used her daughter in order to improve upon her pictures, just like one would use an accessory. And Khloe had responded very firmly to those comments as well, stating very clearly that she was carrying True in her pictures because she was spending time with her, and not because she was getting a photograph taken.

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