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Kim Travels Overseas With Kids And Sisters Leaving Kanye Behind

Family Trip

In an exclusive news, a media outlet made it known that Kim Kardashian, the star of the reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, went with her children on a trip overseas. Kanye was, however, left out of the family trip because of his strange behavior.

Kim goes on a trip overseas with her children and sisters without husband

The 37-year-old mom of three took her kids on a vacation without her husband. According to an inside source, she planned the trip with her entire family and excluded her husband. The source also confirmed that Kim wasn’t with her husband for her birthday. The source further spilled that she recently went with him to Africa and wanted a getaway with her kids and sisters and that was the reason why they planned the trip.

Strained Relationship

As it was previously reported, Kanye’s behavior has started to have adverse effects on their marriage. As a result, Kim needed to take a break from her husband to spend some time alone with sisters. Reports have it that in recent times, things have been stressful for her with her husband. However, she ensured that she didn’t leave her job out as she embarked on her trip. They have all continued filming and that has made it easy to stay abreast of the effects of Kanye’s actions in Kim.

Kanye’s erratic behavior has started having negative effects on their marriage

Kanye already admitted to having bipolar disorder and he also made it known that he already stopped taking his medication. The rapper has also recently gone on a couple of rants publicly and his recent one was with President Trump. Kanye ranted incessantly about series of issues such as his superpowers and also a model of Air Force one which he told the president to put into consideration.

Threatened Divorce

Another media outlet reported that some Kardashians hold the belief that Kanye’s behavior is having a negative effect on their brand. Kim is also reportedly getting very tired of her husband’s behavior. She is repeatedly needing to face different questions about his controversial and erratic statements. Sources claim that she has even threatened that she would slam him with an expensive divorce likely to rival that of Angelina and Brad.

A source reports that it would be difficult for Kim to stand by Kanye if his behavior persists. This trip with her family will give her the space she needs as it gives her an opportunity to relax in the middle of the current situation.

Kim has threatened Kanye with an expensive divorce if he doesn’t change

However, one member of the Kardashian family hasn’t given up on Kim’s husband. Kourtney who is the older sister to Kim has plans to set up an intervention for her sister’s husband in the wake of his recent admission that he has stopped taking his medication even though he has bipolar disorder. She expressed hope that it would give them the opportunity to get the rapper the adequate help he needs.

Kanye’s Past Behavior

Earlier this year, Kanye reportedly posted more than a hundred tweets from topics on fashion even to topics on politics within two days. His activity caused a lot of people to opine that the rapper was close to having a mental breakdown. According to reports he got so attached to social media at some point that his wife had to use the platform to reach him as he was not giving her enough attention.

Also in April, media outlets reported that he stopped communicating with his close allies such as his lawyers, managers and even his close friends. He even confirmed that he no longer had a manager because he couldn’t be managed. Kim took to twitter to explain that Kanye’s decision to cut ties with particular members of his close circle was only a business decision.

Kanye severed communication with his close allies earlier this year

According to friends who have close ties with the couple, his erratic behavior and his public outbursts seemed to put Kim in a trying position.

Another source also stated that West has a personality that is overwhelming and it gets worse whenever he is stressed. An insider also said that Kanye was too needy and it could have draining effect on Kim since she is a working mom and also has several other responsibilities.

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