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Knowing The Reasons Why Many Women Prefer to Live Alone Might Just Convince You to Do So As Well

Women have an unfair image of being obsessed with the idea of marrying and settling down with a partner. In fact, society seems to have a notion that staying and living as a singleton is such a terrifying prospect for many ladies. This couldn’t be more different from the reality that researchers found.

Although men are often seen as the individualists, a study published in the Journal of Population Research points out a segment of women of a certain age who love and prefer living alone. The research particularly identified a group of women who are not quite in the retirement age yet but not considered young either. These are the sensible reasons they cited.

Enjoying Alone Time

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Women are reportedly less likely to avoid getting some alone time compared to men

In general, women have been found to find alone time more enjoyable compared to their male counterparts. What’s even more interesting is that this particular finding applies to women who are actually in romantic relationships. This result was observed by the academic Birk Hagemeyer and his colleagues in their study of couples in a living apart together (LAT) arrangement.

The Social Factor

Another telling difference between men and women, that makes solitary living easier for the latter, is the social factor. Older people tend to have a problem with social isolation but a good portion (71%) of women aged 65 and older actually report that they are quite satisfied with the number of friends they have, according to a Pew report.

Meanwhile, only 48% of men in the same group said the same. This factor adds to women’s ability and preference to live by themselves.

More Time to Pursue Interests

Living alone means more time to dedicate to hobbies for women

Similarly, more women who live alone found that they have more time to enjoy their hobbies and pursue their interests than men. The statistic stands at 65% of women vs. 49% of men. Meanwhile, men were found to be more likely to get into their hobbies if they live with another person.

Looking After Someone Else’s Chores

While modern couples have a better division of household chores than previous generations, women still find themselves doing more. This said some women actually find it hard to give up their autonomy to move in with a partner as they are reportedly not too keen about possibly getting stuck cleaning up and cooking for another person.

The line of thinking was found to be true in the case of women who were previously married as well as those who have never been.

The Caregiver Role

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Women are also often still the ones who do more work when it comes to raising children

As couples grow older, men are said to be more likely to fall sick and perish than their wives. This means the latter are typically left with the responsibility to become a caregiver. The same applies to parenting one’s children.

Women take on these roles lovingly and willingly but they aren’t too eager to give up living on their own once they’ve done their familial duties.
Knowing the reasons why many women prefer to live alone might just convince you to do so as well.

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